Mankey Pokémon GO: Raid Guide (Counters, Movesets)

While the Fighting-type Mankey is a feisty creature with an incredibly short temper, it does serve as a challenging Raid Boss in Pokémon GO. Wielding almost 4,000 CP, 97 ATK, and 58 DEF, Mankey is one of the easiest Bosses that most Trainers might face in November 2022. However, this does not mean it is incapable of giving newcomers or unprepared combatants a hard time. As a self-trained fighter, Mankey can execute a flurry of attacks, quickly diminishing the HP of those unable to take it down in time. While it is still unlikely casual players will fail against this Raid Boss, knowing its weaknesses can help combatants preserve their Revives and Potions for more challenging Raids.

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