Aquaman's Weakness Makes Him More Dangerous Than Fans Realize

As an ocean-dweller, surviving on land is no easy feat for Aquaman, despite the human side of him. The Atlantean King has been forced to adapt to the way of the land on multiple occasions, changing so much since his early days in DC. A major change was the way his powers worked and how well he can survive on land. It used to be that Aquaman was forced to fight crime on land for only an hour at a time. Despite his human side still being around back then, Arthur was forced to remain in water in order to truly survive and could only be on the surface for a limited amount of time before he risked drying out. Eventually, he was given a suit by Batman that would keep him wet and supply moisture when he needed it so he could remain on the surface for longer. Because of his inability to exist fully on land, though, the King of Atlantis became quite adept at surviving under the sea.

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