Welcome To Plathville Fans Think Moriah Is Throwing Shade On Instagram

As of late, Welcome to Plathville fans have noticed that Moriah Plath has been acting a bit shady on her Instagram. The aspiring singer has always come across as sweet and innocent, but some of her jabs seem quite calculated. Now fans are trying to guess who Moriah is actually referring to in her posts.

Since day one, Moriah has tried to distance herself from her strict family. She and her eight siblings were raised under stringent, conservative rules that Kim and Barry Plath came up with. Some limitations included no sugar, TV, or video games. Through it all, Moriah shined bright, as she wore makeup and came up with her fashion sense. The blonde always seemed to have a heart of gold and was kind to everyone she met. Lately, however, fans feel she has been going down a dark path that includes throwing a bit of shade.

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Recently, Moriah posted a meme shared by Redditor u/sunnybunster that stated you couldn't heal a person who is using their pain to continuously hurt you. In the big, bold letters below the sentiment, she wrote, "READ THAT AGAIN." The shade was strong within the Welcome to Plathville star, with many believing it was aimed at getting Kim's attention. But others felt it was a diss toward Moriah's so-called best friend, Olivia Plath. Ethan's wife had only just posted an Instagram Story that stated people should be careful in whom they surround themselves with. To many, it felt like a cat fight was about to break out.

Fans noted that it isn't anyone's job to heal anyone else and feel that Moriah may have forgotten who helped her the most when she tried to get away from Kim and Barry. Moriah's post was extremely shortsighted as she should be fully self-sufficient before aiming any shade at Olivia. Fans watched this season as Moriah hardly helped out around their home and refused to do her chores. While there may be trouble among the friends, viewers feel that neither one of them should be sending cryptic memes.

Welcome to Plathville fans have watched Olivia and Moriah butt heads lately due to the redhead's tantrums. It is obvious that Moriah has had enough of having to walk on eggshells with her sister-in-law. While Moriah may be right in that aspect, she shouldn't be posting weird memes strategically in order to get her point across. Fans are hoping the two can reconcile and hold off throwing any more shade for a while.

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