The Family Chantel: Winter Channels Inner Beyoncé In Beach Video

Winter Everett from The Family Chantel flaunted her curves in a bikini during a recent beach photo session. Winter’s dramatic weight loss after her breakup with long-time boyfriend Jah is earning her praise on Instagram. 27-year-old reality star Winter not only has a new feature but a new way of living her single life. Winter currently stars on the latest season of the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off. The storyline for The Family Chantel season 4 has mostly been about Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno's shocking divorce and Winter finally getting her weight loss surgery done.

Winter was in a relationship with Jah for seven years and started dating him when she was just a teenager. Jah was the one who opposed Winter getting her surgery while Winter, who struggled with her weight since she was a little girl, wanted a gastric sleeve procedure. Jah bringing up polygamy made Winter decide to finally split with Jah. With her family concerned about the side effects of her surgery, Winter still went to Mexico to get operated upon. TikTok influencer The Weight Loss Barbie had inspired Winter while she was once scrolling the app. The decision to get the procedure made Winter focus on her health and fitness, and once she got the surgery, she lost almost 30 pounds.

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Winter keeps her Instagram followers updated about her fitness transformation by sharing before and after photos. While Winter became slim with the procedure, her journey has not stopped and she continues to follow a nutritious diet and regular workout. Most of Winter’s Instagram posts lately are videos of her in the gym but in her new update, she documented her recent trip to the beach. Winter used Beyoncé’s song “COZY” to describe her current state of mind. The lyrics of the hit number talk about how one should be comfortable in their skin and cozy with who they are, exactly like reality TV star Winter is. “So cozy, I love me. They hate me because they want me,” Beyoncé croons in the song from her 2022 album Renaissance.

Self-love is what Winter has become synonymous with when it comes to her current social media content. The Atlanta woman has not only inspired fans with her body positivity but The Family Chantel fans often tell Winter in her comments that their decision to get weight loss surgery was inspired by her makeover. Winter’s new video showed her wearing a black bikini with orange detailing and running through the sand. It looked like Winter was getting a photo shoot done, as she’s added several boomerangs of her posing for the camera in the short clip. In the comments, fans congratulated Winter for her weight loss. The positivity that she spreads via her Instagram posts has been making her followers feel better.

Fans are proud of Winter for how far she’s come, especially the ones who’ve watched her grow since her first appearance on 90 Day Fiancé season 4. Winter’s on-screen persona has gone through many changes, and only for the better. Her sweet demeanor both on The Family Chantel and on Instagram charms fans who love how drama free and honest her content is. Amidst TLC stars who turn to filters or photoshop and get called out on the daily by annoyed fans, Winter is setting an example by being her best-unfiltered self.

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