Stranger Things 5's Nancy Love Triangle Update Is Good For Steve Fans

Although Stranger Things wrapped up season 4 a couple of weeks ago, there’s still a lot of buzz about the setup of the potential love triangle between Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve. The tripartite romance started with Nancy and Steve dating in Stranger Things season 1, despite Nancy’s attachment to Jonathan. However, a lot changed along the line, and the couple broke up in season 2, giving the Nancy-Jonathan romance a fighting chance, especially after the messy breakup with Steve.

Stranger Things season 4 came with many unexpected developments, teasing a possibly rekindled romance between Nancy and Steve and raising anticipation for fans of Steve Harrington. With the Byers family 2000 miles away in California, Nancy and Jonathan’s relationship is left hanging by a thread at the start of the season. Jonathan made the situation worse by not telling Nancy that he had decided not to go to Emerson College, which they planned to attend together. The ensuing emotional and physical disconnect between the lovers causes Nancy’s gaze to waver back to her ex-boyfriend, Steve, during their Stranger Things season 4 adventures.

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Stranger Things showrunners the Duffer brothers recently gave an update that hints that the former couple may again make an onscreen romantic appearance. The Duffer brothers admitted that Steve has undergone much growth since the first few episodes of season 2. Season 4 gave Steve a lot of screen time, allowing the audience to experience this growth firsthand. With Jonathan out of the way for most of the season, Stranger Things hinted at a Nancy-Steve romance and clearly set the stage for Nancy and Jonathan either breaking up, or a love triangle forming.

Stranger Things season 5 is expected to conclude the show's acclaimed run and tie up all the loose ends, including ending Stranger Things' romances and the love triangle. Nancy and Steve’s chemistry, as seen in season 4, is undeniable, and the Duffers’ interview suggests that Nancy will now experience the grown, mature version of Steve, rather than the immature one she had been used to. While this is promising news for Nancy and Steve fans, it is not guaranteed they’ll get back together, and if former seasons are anything to go by, the Stranger Things franchise is quite unpredictable.

Still, the Duffer brothers’ interview confirmed that the show primarily has its characters' interests at heart. Whether Nancy rekindles an old flame or sticks with her present boyfriend, the show would be running with a storyline that reflects regard for the characters’ growth and development and not simply exploring a manufactured love triangle for the sake of it. The Stranger Things franchise will put all the rumors and speculations to rest when Stranger Things season 5 hits streaming platforms.

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