Loki's Devastating MCU Weapon Officially Becomes Marvel Canon

Warning! Spoilers for Iron Man #22 by Marvel Comics

In the current Iron Man series at Marvel Comics, a weapon from the Marvel Cinematic Universe series Loki just became canon in a surprising way. In Iron Man #22, the powerful weapons of the black market dealer Source Control are showcased, as a Time Stick wielded by the Time Variance Authority seen in the Loki MCU series becomes canon in the comics. Writer Christopher Cantwell's notes for the issue confirmed the direct, intentional reference.

In the MCU series Loki, the trickster god finds himself in the capture of the Time Variant Authority, whose sole mission is to protect the sacred timeline from branching timelines. Created by He Who Remains in the live-action series, the TVA has deep roots in the comics, as the organization made many appearances as the protectors and correctors of time itself. However, the MCU's TVA took the organization in a somewhat different direction, with its forces wielding weapons called Time Sticks that pruned and sent those it disintegrated to the Void at the end of time. Now, those Time Sticks are becoming Marvel Comics canon, too.

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In Iron Man #22 by Christopher Cantwell, Angel Unzueta, Frank D'Armata, and VC's Joe Caramagna from Marvel Comics, it's revealed the organization Iron Man and War Machine are trying to stop has some of the most powerful weapons in existence. They are seen in possession of the techno-virus first seen in Iron Man #294, a living spore, a rusting Absorbatron machine, a meteorological weapon, a Warp-Vest, an Anti-Matter Injection System, a Reducing Ray, and a Nega-Bomb. Additionally, the eighth panel features the first appearance of the Time Stick in Marvel Comics canon. Cantwell's notes about the page reveal that it's a direct reference to the MCU's Loki.

The Time Stick appears identical to the one used by the TVA in Loki, as it features a glowing end that is used for pruning those who fall out of line or need to be reset. Interestingly, the caption refers to the weapon as a thing "that #$%^% with time itself," which accurately describes the powerful Time Stick.

It's always fun to see the synergy between the comics and MCU, as the introduction of the Time Stick is the latest example of a character, weapon, or idea becoming canon in the comics after making its live-action debut. While it's doubtful the Time Stick from Loki will play a role in the current Iron Man series, the fact it now is confirmed to exist in the Marvel Comics Universe makes for endless possibilities of where it might appear next.

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