Jujutsu Kaisen Just Basically Guaranteed a Big Villain's Death

While Jujutsu Kaisen's Naoya Zenin may believe that he's finally been able to exact his revenge against his cousin Maki, his tunnel-vision focus on beating her will most likely lead to his death at the hands of the other combatant in the fight, Noritoshi Kamo. Although Naoya and Maki are related, there is no love lost between them. Maki was born with a minimum of cursed energy, which in the eyes of the Zenin clan makes her truly worthless. Conversely, Naoya was blessed with a strong reservoir of cursed energy and a cocky attitude. From early on, Naoya has always believed himself to be the true heir to the Zenin clan's future. Indeed, many in the clan agree, giving him command of the "Hei" - an internal group of the clan's strongest sorcerers.

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