Forget Yoda - One Star Wars Jedi Connects EVERY Era of the Franchise

Throughout the varied time periods of Star Wars’ history, there’s only ever been one Jedi who’s connected them all, Celeste Morne. Created for a comics crossover, Morne lived from long before the rise of the Empire to long after its original collapse and got to see it all. In the Disney era of Star Wars, which often feels trapped in between the same stories, Morne or a similar character could take us beyond these limits in both directions.

Created by John Jackson Miller, John Ostrander and Scott Hepburn, Celeste Morne lived from thousands of years before the Star Wars movies up until more than one hundred years after the original trilogy. Introduced in 2008’s Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #25, Morne was the key character of the crossover storyline Star Wars: Vector, which detailed her journey through the different eras of the published comics. Due to stints in suspended animation, Morne was part of key events ranging from battles with ancient Mandalorians, to facing down Darth Vader, to seeing the triumph of the Sith in the near future. However, Morne has since fallen out of canon, existing only in the pre-Disney acquisition Legends era. But her role in the Star Wars universe is one that still holds value.

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In this new Disney era of Star Wars, reintroducing characters like Celeste Morne would prove invaluable for striking out and telling stories beyond the chronological scope of the Star Wars films while still anchoring audiences. Disney has seemingly often balked at expanding the timeline of the Star Wars universe. While The High Republic series is a step in the right direction, the franchise often feels like it’s only looking backward. By introducing a character with a similar role to Celeste Morne, the franchise could find a way to chart a course through seemingly disparate time periods. Focusing on a singular character could also give fans a through-line to follow, something familiar amidst new elements being introduced.

Following the structure of Celeste Morne could also prove beneficial to Disney due to the eras that her life covered. Morne was a Jedi during the Mandalorian Wars, and with the success of The Mandalorian on Disney+, starting an era-hopping character at this time would be a perfect opportunity to introduce aspects of Mandalorian culture in-person. Similarly, one of the few recent facets of Star Wars that so far has fallen outside the purview of live-action properties is The High Republic, a series of stories set two hundred years before the prequel trilogy. Having a character who travels through the High Republic could serve as a jumping on point for this newer branch of the franchise and connect it to other eras more deeply.

The idea of an era-spanning Star Wars characters does beg one question. If you create a character like Celeste Morne and send them forward in time, interacting with the universe as they go, where should their story end? Since Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars, fans have never moved beyond the films. So why not send this character into a bold new future, beyond where we’ve ever seen? What’s stopping Disney from going hundreds, if not thousands of years beyond Star Wars’ original scope? In a franchise set "a long time ago," surely there’s room to move forward. As Celeste Morne showed back in 2008, even one Jedi can see it all, and perhaps that’s exactly what Star Wars needs today, someone to make great leaps forward.

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