Bachelorette: Logan Divides Twitter Fans Over Gabby Switch

This season of The Bachelorette promised to be the most dramatic yet, as suitor Logan Palmer has Twitter fans divided over his confession that he wanted to pursue Gabby Windey after he previously committed to Rachel Recchia. Week three of Gabby and Rachel’s joint Bachelorette journey saw the duo give individual roses to the men, which separated them into two distinct groups. Logan had a connection with Gabby early in the season but put the connection aside when Rachel offered him her rose. Bachelor Nation was shocked on Twitter when Logan confessed to host Jesse Palmer that despite accepting Rachel’s rose, he still had feelings for Gabby and wanted to know if she felt the same.

This was the first time that each Bachelorette date would be separated by the group of men, for Rachel or for Gabby. On Gabby’s group date, her guys boxed against each other for her heart, and both Rachel and Gabby's group of men got to watch the matches. Rachel was disappointed on the date when none of her guys made eye contact, and Logan stayed focused on Gabby the entire date. At the cocktail party, Logan tried but wasn’t able to talk to Gabby and express his feelings, so he accepted another rose from Rachel to give him more time to pursue Gabby.

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After Logan confessed his feelings to Jesse, Bachelor Nation instantly divided on Twitter. User @scoobydoesnot tweeted, “Uhhh no Logan you CANNOT accept a rose from Rachel just to pursue Gabby,” and tagged it with red flag emojis. Another Twitter user, @petergolfcart, called Logan’s acceptance of the rose “toxic” and pointed out the red flags of switching bachelorettes like Logan did. Some Bachelorette fans sympathized with Logan, as user @6886_xoxo1 wrote, “The guys were blind sighted and had to make an on the spot decision,” in regard to why he accepted the rose from Rachel instead of telling her about his feelings.  Another fan, @bach_rants, pointed out that the guys didn’t know they had to decide until the rose ceremony, and he couldn’t have spoken to Gabby beforehand without interrupting the ceremony.

This journey has been unprecedented since the beginning, as two bachelorettes met the same group of men to find love. While there are fans that called out Logan’s confession and continued acceptance of Rachel’s rose, other fans recognized this as a way for Logan to fully understand his feelings and find love. Fans want to see Logan share his feelings with Rachel and Gabby so they can find love and to show that he will be open with them too. As a season that makes history every week, Rachel and Gabby are making the path as they go along, just as much as the men pursuing them are.

Bachelor Nation won’t be able to watch Logan’s decision until the next episode, so fans will continue to debate the possibilities until then. Fans in support of Logan can stay hopeful that he might find a second chance with Gabby, and fans that call out his actions can be comforted in how it will be addressed.  There is promise of more drama as the journey continues, so fans can expect to watch the emotional conversations between Rachel and Gabby as they sail on the Valiant Lady across the world. Hopefully, Logan really is finding love on The Bachelorette for the right reasons, and he will make the best decision he can to win her heart.

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The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.

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