Zelda: Twilight Princess' Most Lucrative Item Isn't Worth It

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has a whole host of in-game items that each offer unique benefits, but the most valuable isn't actually worth its price. Magic Armor is a reoccurring item in the popular high fantasy action-adventure video game franchise, showing up in The Wind Waker prior, as well as many other prominent titles in the series. Much like other in-game items, Twilight Princess' Magic Armor is obtained through quests and offers damage resistance at a certain cost. With the lengthy quest players must undergo, and the number of Rupees the armor costs, all the hard work of gathering such an item isn't even worth it.

While The Wind Waker’s version of this helpful item provided little punishment for equipping it, Twilight Princess' Magic Armor is a whole other story. This Legend of Zelda magic item is obtained by completing quests. In one quest, players will donate 1,000 rupees to the elder Goron in Kakariko Village's Malo Mart, and then a further 2,000 so they can set up a store in Castle Town. The player can then purchase the armor at this same shop for an additional 598 Rupees. Surely after going through all this effort this highly lucrative item should be worth it.

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While the magic armor does protect Link from receiving incoming damage, the armor also presents many drawbacks for the player. One such downside is the loss of 2 Rupees for every second the armor is equipped, and 12 Rupees are lost whenever damage is taken. Losing Rupees will come with many consequences as it is The Legend of Zelda's main currency. Players must ensure they stock up on their Rupees or they may risk losing them all when going toe to toe with enemies while using the Magic Armor. 

Although this item has a habit of gobbling up all the player’s Rupees, the consequences do not stop there. Once Link runs out of Rupees, the armor loses its color and has an increased weight on the character. Consequently, this has the same effect as that of Iron Boots, where Link’s movements are limited and have the added drawback of sinking in water. Players are still able to ride Zelda's iconic horse, Epona, while wearing the Magic Armor, but not without Rupees. If Link's Rupees hit zero while on horseback, Epona will buck and send Link flying.

Twilight Princess' rendition of the Magic Armor is far too punishing for players and does not warrant the number of Rupees and effort to obtain it. There are plenty of alternatives in the game, such as the Zora Armor. If alternatives do not suffice, then players can always perfect their dodging abilities to evade incoming damage while saving those precious Rupees in the process.

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