X-Men's Most Controversial Hero Has Been Wiped From the Marvel Universe

Warning: Spoilers for X-Force #29 ahead

One of the X-Men's most controversial heroes, the mutant Quentin Quire aka Kid Omega, recently sacrificed his life to save Krakoa from an out-of-control Cerebro machine in the pages of X-Force #29. With Krakoa's Resurrection Protocols this might not seem like that big of a deal, but Quentin inadvertently ended up apparently wiping all record of himself from Cerebro, meaning he may not be able to be resurrected.

Quentin Quire first debuted in Grant Morrison's beloved 2001 New X-Men series, introduced as a tremendously powerful Omega-level telepath on nearly the same level of strength as Jean Grey and Charles Xavier. As a young student at the Xavier Institute, Quentin was a rebellious and misguided child who organized the Omega Gang in an attempt to take over the Xavier school, which inadvertently got Sophia, one of the Stepford Cuckoo's and Quentin's crush, killed when she tried to stop his brutal attack. Since then Kid Omega has gone through one of the X-Men's most impressive and long term rehabilitation. He can still be a controversial and obnoxious force within the mutant community, but he has also undoubtedly transformed into a bonafide X-Men and hero. Quentin Quire has always recognized his potential, especially since it has been confirmed to him that in other realities he becomes an avatar of the Phoenix Force, but he has only recently attempted to reach that potential by being a force for good in the world.

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In the Krakoan Era, Quentin was recruited to join Beast's newest iteration of X-Force, and has been an integral part of defeating many of Krakoa's greatest enemies alongside his teammates Wolverine, Forge, Domino, and Sage. He also ended up in a serious relationship with Phoebe Cuckoo, although she recently dumped him. X-Force #29 - written by Benjamin Percy with art by Robert Gill - follows the X-Force team as they battle against Cerebrax, a semi-sentient version of the X-Men's Cerebro machine that is dead set on killing and absorbing the powers of the Krakoan mutants, particularly Quentin Quire. In an attempt to fully recognize his own potential, save Krakoa, and keep Phoebe safe, Quentin uses his vast powers to stop Cerebrax with the help of Sage and Omega Red, but is apparently killed in the telepathic blast that shuts Cerebrax down. Wolverine reaches out to Sage to let her know they will need to put Quentin into the Resurrection Protocols, something they are quite used to as Kid Omega has been killed and resurrected many times in his X-Force missions. However, Sage grimly informs Logan, "He's gone. All of him. He's wiped from all the Cerebro cradles. It's as if he were never there."

This is a terrifying prospect for a Krakoan mutant, who all believe they are now effectively immortal, because without a Cerebro backup there is no way for The Five to resurrect a mutant (except potentially through the Scarlet Witch's "Waiting Room"). While Quentin has always annoyed most of the X-Men, including his X-Force teammates, he is an integral part of protecting Krakoa from external and internal threats, and his permanent death would be a huge loss for all of mutantkind. Kid Omega's sacrifice may be what Quire needs to do to prove to himself his potential not only as a mutant, but as a person with a heart and soul. But it may have caused him to actually die.

However, that is unlikely because Quentin Quire is vastly powerful and has survived in the past in a half-alive, half-dead gaseous state. So while Quentin is almost assuredly not permanently dead, that doesn't mean he isn't going to come back changed, and not necessarily in a good way. Now that the threat of Cerebrax has been terminated by Kid Omega's huge sacrifice, the X-Force's next big mission will surely be to find a way to resurrect the now dead and un-backed up X-Man Quentin Quire.

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X-Force #29 from Marvel Comics is available now in stores!

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