Why Welcome to Plathville's Ethan Wants To Stay Out Of Kim & Barry's Split

Welcome to Plathville wiewers have noted that Ethan Plath is steering clear of his parent's issues. Even though Kim and Barry Plath may be going through a divorce, Ethan wants no part of it. Instead, he has his own marital issues to concentrate on as he doesn't want to follow in their footsteps.

For multiple seasons Ethan has been struggling to address his childhood trauma growing up under Kim and Barry's roof. The parents have kept their nine children on a tight leash, which included no sugar, TV, or friends. Ethan Plath has never been able to express his emotions, even admitting to the cameras he became a very good liar. Ethan had a massive falling out with his parents in an early season, which almost led to a physical altercation due to his pent-up anger. Now Ethan has finally found out about his parent's operations and wants nothing to do with their divorce.

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In June, Welcome to Plathville, viewers found out that Kim and Barry would not be reconciling their differences. Almost immediately after the news broke, Ethan spoke with People, making it clear he wanted to "stay out" of it. The 24-year-old wasn't a fan that his parent's issues had been put on display for the whole world to witness. Kim has shared just how unhappy she was being married to Barry for 24 years, noting she just wanted to be loved. Ethan Plath told the outlet that he doesn't like "how public she's being with a lot of it."

The episode Ethan refers to is when Kim finally decides she will be leaving her marriage. The 49-year-old packed up her belongings and moved out of the family home into a rental, leaving Barry and the younger children behind. According to Kim, Barry tried to work on the relationship for a little while but failed in the end. Ethan feels his parents should have kept their issues to themselves but now will be able to watch their marriage unravel with the rest of the viewers.

Ethan has bigger fish to fry than worrying about his parents as Welcome to Plathville viewers also know he has his own set of issues with his wife, Olivia Plath. During season 3, the couple separated and took some time away from one another. It seems as if he is back on track with his marriage, but fans always feel Ethan and Olivia are on the verge of a major falling out. Currently, the couple is traveling around Europe and making sure to keep far away from his parent's problems.

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