Why Welcome To Plathville Fans Think Max Used Lydia To Get To Moriah

Lydia Plath may be a pawn for Max Kallschmidt, as Welcome to Plathville viewers feel he is using her to get closer to Moriah Plath. Max first came across as kind when he was introduced to viewers during Welcome to Plathville season 2. He seemed to genuinely take an interest in Moriah's life and wanted the best for her. But soon, fans couldn't help but notice that Max wanted to control Moriah. He had an issue with her attire and fashion sense, saying Moriah showed off too much skin.

The two settled into a funk, and eventually, Max cheated on Moriah with another woman. Moriah was left heartbroken, and Max quickly tried to find ways back into his now-ex-girlfriend's heart. But while Moriah is discovering herself in Tampa, Florida, Georgia playboy Max has been slowly getting friendlier with Moriah's sister Lydia, who clearly had feelings for him. But fans are worried Max has ulterior motives and will end up breaking both Plath girls' hearts.

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Viewers are extremely worried that Max has concocted a diabolical plan to use Lydia as his key to win back Moriah's heart. In a Reddit thread posted by u/LittleEmmy discussing a recent episode, Welcome to Plathville viewers noted that it looked like Max was happily using Lydia's feelings for his own gain. "I think Lydia has a huge crush on Max," commented user u/g8rchk. Others felt that Lydia's upbringing has led to her being confused about her emotions. "Gosh, fundamentalism really teaches you to deny your feelings, doesn’t it? Lydia seems especially vulnerable to her telling herself how to feel," said u/LuckyJournalist7.

It has become apparent to Welcome to Plathville viewers that Lydia wants to have her own relationship with Max. Lydia has been open about her feelings, as she has asked her sister if she could continue to be friends with Max even after the breakup. The aspiring singer has not only forgiven Max for his wandering eye but also has made it clear she wants to continue to hang out with him. Supporters of Moriah have also noticed that Lydia's heart-to-heart did not come across as sincere. Many Redditors also accused Lydia of taking after her mother, Kim Plath, because Lydia has clearly tried to manipulate the narrative when it comes to Max.

While it is highly doubtful that Max would ever date Lydia, Welcome to Plathville stars feel that he needs to step back from her. No matter how much Lydia may hope for a relationship with him, the odds are not in her favor. Max clearly is ready to have a physical relationship and it is obvious Lydia's beliefs would not allow for that. Welcome to Plathville star Moriah is smart and won't be fooled by Max's plan but feel she could end up resenting Lydia in the end.

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