Unbreakable Red Sonja Is the Perfect Jumping-On Point for Barbarian Hero

For years Dynamite Comics has supplied audiences with a seemingly endless line of Red Sonja titles, and this October, the publisher showcases her in an entirely new light in Unbreakable Red Sonja. Red Sonja was first introduced to the world by writer Roy Thomas and artist Barry Windsor-Smith in 1973 in Marvel's Conan the Barbarian #23. Despite the character's steady rise in mainstream media thanks to Brigitte Nielsen's portrayal in the 1985 Red Sonja movie, the character went largely unused for decades after Marvel stopped regularly publishing Red Sonja stories the following year.

The character quickly found a resurgence in both popularity and exposure once Dynamite Comics revived the character in 2005. Since then, Dynamite has committed to showcasing the character as Invincible, Immortal, Unchained, and countless other previous titles. Over the course of more than 15 years, Red Sonja has become one of Dynamite's flagship stars. Now, Unbreakable will push Red Sonja into an entirely new light than what audiences have seen from her before, all in honor of the character's upcoming 50th anniversary in 2023. The intention of the creative team isn't to "break" Sonja, but to provide one of her most brutal stories yet so that she can truly earn the adjective.

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Unbreakable Red Sonja promises to take a glimpse at the title character's past, present, and future through her memories as she attempts to clear up a hazy vision that lurks just out of her reach. This will give the character a journey that features the classic sword and sorcery she's been so beloved for, but this time with a twist. With a creative team featuring artist Giovanni Valletta and writer Jim Zub (who previously wrote some Red Sonja and Conan titles), Unbreakable Red Sonja #1 launches starting October 2022 at local comic shops and digital stores. Below, readers can find a series of variant covers for the debut issue from artists Lucio Parrillo, David Finch, Judy Jong, and Dan Panosian. They're also joined by Celina, Giuseppe Matteoni, and cosplayer Augusta Moore.

Jim Zub's previous experience in writing Conan and Red Sonja titles (along with similar contributions to Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder) makes him a full-blown sorcery master, but this will be the first time that he tackles Red Sonja with full focus and an extended take. Zub had the following to say in a press release:

I grew up on a steady supply of sword & sorcery novels, comics, and games in my youth and they indelibly imprinted on my mind in ways that inform all my writing. I’m absolutely pumped for this. I have a lot more room to explore what drives Red Sonja and the depths she’ll go to overcome threats that are wildly stacked against her.

Long-time fans of the She-Devil with a Sword should rest assured that their favorite warrior heroine is not only in good hands from a stellar creative team, but that Red Sonja is bound for her most compelling adventure yet. Those same fans are also encouraged to pre-order the first issue either through their local comic book stores or via digital chains. Dynamite Comics' Unbreakable Red Sonja #1 launches in October 2022, with a full date to be announced.

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