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WARNING! This article contains major spoilers for The Umbrella Academy season 3.

The Umbrella Academy season 3 arrived on Netflix on 22nd June and fans are already raving about the familial emotions tied to the latest season - particularly the Hargreeves sibling's positive response to their brother Viktor's gender transition. Once distant, cold and uncaring, the family has come a long way since the first episode - figuratively and literally considering all their time travel.

The Hargreeves siblings have learned to come together (thanks to several apocalypses) and value the importance of family. Bonded through childhood trauma and an abusive father who later un-adopts them in another timeline, they try to hold onto each other during their struggles and help one another in whatever way they can.

Viktor spent most of his childhood believing he had no powers which causes a rift between him and his siblings. Learning that he does in fact have powers and was lied to all his life by his father, Viktor is understandably angry. Unable to control his emotions and newfound powers, he does terrible things to his family leading to the end of the world.

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It is not until Viktor loses and then regains his memory in season 2 that he sees his family in a different light. When a loved one is in danger, Viktor unexpectedly voices how much he loves his family and wants them by his side. While it takes them a moment to come to their senses, they all go to face the unknown together.

One of the most iconic pansexual characters is The Umbrella Academy's Klaus whose best moments are often with his brother Five. With both of them feeling a little lost for purpose in season 3, they come together for a brotherly road trip that Klaus intends to use as a way to learn more about his birth mother.

Initially resistant when learning the true purpose of the trip, Five changes his mind when he and Klaus both liken family to an incredibly tangled ball of twine. When Klaus vocalizes just how much he cares for Five, who is rarely able to handle emotional moments in a serious manner, his brother hides his true feelings with a snarky comment. Seeing through it, Klaus tells Five; "Love you too, Tiny Dancer!"

After dealing with a newfound timeline, Elliot Page's character comes out as transgender with the name Viktor. While Diego, Klaus and Five may be caught off guard, they congratulate their brother before telling him off for going rogue and speaking with the Sparrow Academy's Number One.

Before Allison begins to spiral after having lost Claire and Ray, she is incredibly supportive of him and this quote is what everyone should say when someone they love comes out. The episode handles Viktor's transition with care and affection while completely avoiding transphobia or overly dramatized scenes.

Irritating him to know end, causing apocalypses, and dragging him to meet a long-lost mother under the guise of a brotherly road trip, Five has a complicated relationship with the idea of family. Often wondering if it is "too late to become un-adopted," Five has no shame in expressing his annoyance at his family with snarky and hilarious comments.

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While he considers his family a burden, Five would do anything for his siblings - including massacre a room full of people to save them from an apocalypse. He may not say it often but his actions speak volumes about just how much he cares for these sarcastic delinquents.

As Reginald Hargreeves said before cruelly killing Luther, funerals and weddings brings family together. After all, the death of their adoptive father is how the Umbrellas were reunited in the very first episode. Since reconnecting, Viktor and Allison attempt to rebuild their relationship.

Forced to choose between saving the world and going after an upset Viktor, Allison calls his brother to explain her decision. It is one of the first instances of verbalized familial love in the series and is made sadder after their bond breaks in season 3 when Allison continues to blame Viktor for the apocalypses.

Left for decades alone in a post-apocalyptic world after overestimating his time-travel powers, Five spends most of his days trying to find a way back home to his family. Not only does he want to warn them about the forthcoming apocalypse but he is aware of what his absence could do to the fragile team.

When Five breaks his snarky and sarcastic demeanor, he can be incredibly sweet and loving. There is nothing he cares about more than his family and every iteration of this character knows this. It is how the present Five confirms his identity to his past older self in Dallas who is indeed considering breaking his contract and returning to his family in 2019.

When The Handler takes over the Commission after she has Five kill all the board members, her daughter Lila brings along Diego for her team as the new head of security. It is not only so the two of them could be together but because Lila feared the amount of power her mother suddenly had.

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Diego realizes Lila brought him in because of his own experience in a family of dangerous individuals. However, unlike Lila's mother, his family cares for him the same way he cares for them. Diego's tough-guy exterior breaks in this touching moment, showing how much he truly loves his family and knows Lila would be welcome addition to the group.

When Viktor comes out, Luther is being happily held hostage by the Sparrows but he is delightedly shocked when he eventually finds out from Diego. Wondering whether the family should do something to celebrate Viktor's transition, Diego helps Luther understand that sometimes less is more, especially when dealing with a potentially world-ending paradox.

Sometimes it is enough for a person to know that they are loved rather than having a great big party with tiny sandwiches thrown in their honor. Instead, Diego proclaims the family's love for Viktor creating a hilarious Luther Hargreeves meme while the Umbrella's Number One makes a different and ultimately more heartwarming gesture when he asks Viktor to be his best man..

From season 2's penultimate episode, this quote originally contains a reference to Viktor's assigned sex at birth. Going into Viktor's mind to save him from blowing up the FBI building and accidentally triggering a second apocalypse, Ben sacrifices himself to have an endearing moment with his brother.

After having spent his childhood separated from his siblings and thinking he's not special, Ben reminds Viktor that the fault lies with their father. Ben assures his brother that he's not alone and that he is more capable than he thinks he is. After spending years as an incorporeal ghost, Ben spends his last moments hugging Viktor.

With characteristics that don't make much sense, Luther arguably has one of the most complicated relationships with his family in the show. However, after spending three seasons trying to save the world from cataclysmic events the siblings bond more than Luther could have ever wanted.

Given the leadership role by his father, Luther sees himself as the big brother of his siblings and thinks it's his responsibility to protect everyone. The muscles hide a sweet and sensitive soul who cares deeply for his family and while he'd do anything for them, he admits he wouldn't betray Sloane as it would admirably betray his own moral code.

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