The Quarry: All Of Laura's Deaths, Ranked By Brutality

Warning: This article contains images and descriptions of graphic violence.

Roughly one month since its timely summertime release, avid gamers have begun to discover all of the various death modes in Supermassive Games' popular interactive horror drama The Quarry. Each of the nine counselors tasked with surviving a night of terror at Hackett's Quarry summer camp can potentially die in a multitude of ways based on the key in-game decisions players make along their personal pathways.

For instance, the main protagonist Laura Kearney (voiced by Siobhan Williams), has up to seven potential deaths (two of which are repeats of the same fatality) that can occur based on her decision-making, with the various fatalities running the gamut from car crashes and gunshot wounds to sadistic stabbings and rabid werewolf attacks.

7 Car Crash Caused By Silas

Laura's most lackluster death in human form comes in Chapter 10 when Silas attacks her and Ryan while fleeing the camp inside a car, forcing the vehicle to crash on the road under a full moon at night. If Laura crashes and manages to shoot Silas before he rapaciously attacks her, she will simply succumb to her car crash injuries, slowly lose her breath, and fall lifelessly to the pavement under the red glow of taillights.

Despite a truly cinematic sequence that makes the game feel like a genuine horror movie, with properly ratcheted tension and suspense, the death itself leaves a lot to be desired in terms of sheer brutality and disturbing gore-sodden imagery many of Laura's other deaths feature in spades.

6 Shot By Ryan In Werewolf Form

If Laura happens to become infected by a werewolf bite earlier in the game, she will turn into a lycanthropic beast and terrorize the Hackett house in Chapter 9. After attacking Travis and his brother Chris upstairs, Ryan will enter with a shotgun in tow and have the option to shoot Laura or not. If he does so, Ryan will fire a shotgun shell at medium range into the back of werewolf Laura's head, forcing her to drop dead instantly as a volcano of gore paints the walls behind her.

While the amount of bloodshed is nothing to sneeze at, the death lacks the high sympathetic stakes that human Laura's other deaths make gamers feel. Moreover, a single gunshot blast is far tamer than some of the grislier animalistic attacks Laura faces in the game. Come to think of it, Ryan actually does Laura a favor by rightly putting her down as a werewolf, even if it means Travis' survival.

5 Stabbed By Travis In Werewolf Form

In the same Chapter 9 scenario that finds Laura in werewolf form, another playthrough variant will find the voracious werewolf inside the Hackett house. If Ryan fails to shoot and is killed by Travis, werewolf Laura will viciously accost him and take a chunk out of his neck. However, before finishing the job, Travis will stab her twice in the chest with a silver shard from a broken mirror.

While the violence and concomitant carnage are quite brutal to witness, the hyper-intelligent Quarry character Laura actually manages to inflict more harm on Travis by savagely swiping at his head clean off his body right before she dies from the stab wounds. Again, in werewolf form, it's hard to really feel bad for Laura's demise in this fashion as it means the other counselors have a greater shot at survival.

4 Throat Gouged By Silas Part 2

If the car crashes in Chapter 10 and Laura opts not to shoot Silas, the supremely likable Quarry character will have her throat gorily mauled, ripped, flayed, and eaten on the spot by the wicked werewolf. This extremely brutal death can occur twice in the game, differentiated by altered camera angles that range from brute force and graphic carnage. When comparing the two, Laura's second playthrough is slightly tamer than the first.

Shorter and featuring less violence and gory bloodshed than the first, the second time Silas vitiates Laura on the pavement by the crashed vehicle, the camera switches angles and frames Laura tighter to focus on her mortified reaction rather than the violent attack itself. Silas takes two hefty bites from Laura's neck before proudly standing and growling before the moonlight, with the most disturbing part showing Laura's bloody moribund body supinated on the ground.

3 Stabbed By Travis In Human Form

In Chapter 9 of the beloved summer camp horror game, if Ryan fails to shoot Chris and Laura shoots Travis in jail, she will experience an even grislier and more unnerving death at the hands of Travis. Rather than being stabbed with a silver-backed mirror shard twice in werewolf form, Travis will quickly lunge from a seated position and psychotically stab her no less than five times in the heart with the piece of broken glass. Vicious, vivid, and visceral as can be, it's by far the worst death human Laura incurs at the hands of another human character.

What really makes the death scene so brutal is twofold. First, there's a calm, quiet intimacy before the storm as Travis and Laura sit and have what appears to be genuine heart-to-heart conversation moments before he abruptly lunges at her. Second, both characters are smeared head-to-toe in blood before the attack even occurs, making the entire room appear like a chewed-up charnel house.

2 Throat Gouged By Silas Part 1

In a far longer, gorier, and more visually intense version of its alternative playthrough, Laura having her throat rudely clawed, chewed, mawed, and utterly eviscerated by Silas in Chapter 10 is the stuff of true horror movie nightmares. As Laura crawls out of the crashed car, Silas lunges on top of her, twists her neck 180 degrees nearly off of her spinal cord, bites her throat once, slashes her neck with his claws, and digs his fangs back into her jugular vein once more as a river of blood pours from his mouth.

If that wasn't deeply unsettling enough, the way Silas flexes and proudly growls up into the night sky while shrouded in moonlit shadow afterward is spine-tinglingly scary. The lighting, framing, and stinging musical score are all pitched to an operatic level of terror, with only one fatal instance registering as more ruthless.

1 Decapitated By Silas

Saving the best for last, Laura's final potential death in the game comes in at the end of Chapter 10. If Laura survives the car crash and Silas' attacks, she'll be given the option to use the blood vial before shooting Silas. If she does neither, she'll meet her maker when werewolf Silas suddenly leaps out of nowhere and in one fell swoop, slashes Laura's head right off her body with his claws in a swift, jaw-dropping moment of our shock and awe.

While the deadly decapitation is by far the most brutal way Laura dies, what really does it is the shot of the gruesome stump left behind on Laura's life shoulders. Of course, that the death comes just before Laura survives the game adds to the tragic nature of her demise, reminding all the players that one false move for even the most popular characters can lead to sudden doom in The Quarry.

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