The Family Chantel: Winter Everett's 2022 Photos After Bariatric Surgery

The Family Chantel cast member Winter Everett went to Mexico to undergo bariatric surgery in order to lose weight, and since then, 90 Day Fiancé fans have seen several before and after photos of her, which show how her body has changed. 27-year-old Winter, who’s otherwise known for her down-to-earth and sweet nature, decided to transform herself after her breakup with long-term boyfriend, Jah. Always referred to as Chantel Everett’s younger sister, following her 90 Day Fiancé season 4 debut, Winter now has her own league of fans. She lovingly calls them “butterfly babes” on Instagram.

In an older episode of 90 Day Fiancé from 2016, Winter consulted with a bariatric surgery expert. It may have taken years for Winter to finally get surgery and go through with her decision, which even her family didn’t support, but she did it anyway in 2020. Winter used to weigh 313 pounds, and lost 50 pounds after her gastric sleeve procedure. Just like Angela Deem, who had the procedure in 2019, Winter underwent a sleeve gastrectomy, which shrinks the stomach to about 15 percent of its original size.

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Winter was actually inspired to undergo weight loss surgery by Kayla La Vende, otherwise known as the "Weight Loss Barbie," whom she encountered while scrolling through TikTok. Winter got in touch with Kayla, who works as a social media manager at a weight loss clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. That's the same clinic where Winter was treated. TLC reality TV star Winter explained how the prerequisites for her surgery were not as comprehensive in Mexico, when compared to America, and the plastic surgery was also less expensive south of the border. It’s been nearly a year since Winter got her weight loss surgery, and here’s how she looks now in 2022:

She gave major style inspiration to her 207k plus followers when she showed off her Forever 21 look in March. Winter paired a casual t-shirt featuring a print from The Simpsons with a tiny denim skirt. With her braided hair tied back and her bold makeup, Winter showed off her toned legs by picking a strappy pair of black heels. Her Instagram followers called Winter a “Diva” and were proud of her for bagging a collaboration with F21, as they cheered her on for her weight transformation. “Isn’t it fun to shop for new clothes?!!” a fan who’s inspired by Winter’s weight loss journey asked her. Interestingly, Winter is also getting asked out by some of her admirers, as one of the questions she's getting asked is, “can I be your boyfriend please?

Winter’s season of self-love continued when she revealed a never-before-seen bikini look on her social media. The Atlanta beauty posed at the Roswell Mill Waterfall with her eyes closed, while wearing a pink, animal print two-piece from Torrid. Winter made sure to hashtag her picture with “healthylifestyle” and “healing” to let fans know what she’s up to in 2022. Apart from being a successful plus-size blogger, Winter’s travel blogging content was also given a thumbs up by her fans. "Hot Winter,” wrote one TLC viewer, as someone else added, “You are so fierce and fabulous!!!”

Continuing her experiments with wigs, Winter stepped out in a pink one on a sunny day. She paired the wig with a blue dress and sparkly heels. Winter’s curves were highlighted in the bold, printed outfit, which did make her look like a butterfly, as she specified with the many emojis in her caption. “Please let them know curvy is sexy,” a 90 Day Fiancé viewer said to Winter. On seeing how confident Winter is after her weight loss, a fan even told her, “You should try to be a model.” The Family Chantel viewers have also been hoping that Winter will find a man who treats her like the queen that she is.

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