The Family Chantel: Why Fans Think Pedro Cheated With His Co-Worker

Pedro Jimeno has received the wrath of The Family Chantel fans, and many viewers believe that the latest episode confirmed he cheated on his soon-to-be ex-wife Chantel Jimeno with his co-worker Antonella Barrenechea. The split between 90 Day Fiancé couple Chantel and Pedro shocked very few fans, given the cold and cruel way Pedro has been treating Chantel in season 4. However, many viewers are surprised that Pedro would seemingly cheat on his model wife Chantel with his young co-worker.

Chantel and Pedro's marriage went downhill after he realized how corrupt his family was and didn't care about the infidelity rumors that surrounded him. Pedro then entered into an inappropriately close relationship with his co-worker Antonella despite her being a decade younger. Pedro started driving Antonella everywhere and spending a lot of time with her without informing Chantel where he was. Antonella then labeled her name on Pedro's keys and left her items in his car, which was documented on The Family Chantel. Chantel decided to hang out with Pedro and his co-workers to spend more time with him, which led to a very guilty-looking Antonella shocking viewers with her suspicious reaction.

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Reddit user u/Thisseemsfinal weighed in on the situation between Pedro and Antonella after the most recent The Family Chantel episode. "Pedro sucks right now! He is clearly having an affair with Antonella, could be just emotional but it’s so lame," the user wrote. Many commenters agreed that Antonella looked very guilty and that if Pedro was not cheating, he was certainly making it seem like he was. "You can tell something shady is going on by how Antonella acts when the cameras are around.. she holds back. Tries not to make much eye contact or act as friendly. Multiple times where I’m like yeah.. she’s the side piece," u/frizzysmallz observed. "Oh Pedro is this your first job? work romances are fun because you don’t really know who they truly are. Once you do, excitement wears off and flaws are visible. Rinse and repeat. Child behavior," u/crunkjuices also wrote.

Many fans of The Family Chantel also believe that Pedro has been checked out of his marriage to Chantel for quite some time. "Pedro has been checked out for a couple of years now, but now that he's doing well in Real Estate and the show is ending, he's moving on," u/OPTIONSQUEEN suggested. "Pedro seemed checked out before they even got their own spin-off. She’s better off without him. I hope she can find someone who sticks up for her if need be!" u/PrincessPaisleysMom1 wrote back. Overall, the fans are on Chantel's side and only want the best for her now that she and Pedro have filed for divorce. However, many fans believe that Pedro is not justified in the way he treated Chantel at the end of their marriage. Viewers have expressed their anger over how sketchy Pedro is behaving as he spends most of his time with his co-workers and comes home at very late hours, sometimes intoxicated and without his car. Many viewers also feel Antonella has overstepped a major boundary with Pedro.

The Family Chantel fans find it hard to deny what appears like an obvious affair between Pedro and Antonella. However, Antonella lists on her Instagram that she has been in a relationship with someone named Daniel Hanna since 2018. Antonella only graduated from high school in 2020, though some fans believe she actually got married to Daniel and had a baby with him since filming The Family Chantel season 4. However, many viewers remain convinced that her relationship with Pedro involved an emotional affair, if not more, based on both Antonella and Pedro's behavior on the show.

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