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Warning: This article includes spoilers for The Boys season 3. 

In a Supe world filled with hypocrisy, corruption, and injustice, Annie January/Starlight is a shining beacon of hope. Her hope is grounded in sometimes harsh, but always important truths that need to be heard by the audience and by the characters in The Boys.

As one of the most likable, relatable, and inspiring characters, Starlight has many memorable quotes encapsulating her bravery to stand up to powerful people like Homelander and Vought. Her best quotes are those that speak to powerful truths about herself, other characters, and the real-world issues that extend beyond the show's scope.

9 When Vought Wanted Her To Wear A New Costume

“It’s my body. I have the right to choose how much of it I show.”

When Vought tries to get Starlight to wear a new costume, Starlight makes it clear that she is uncomfortable. Her words are a powerful reminder that everyone has bodily autonomy and has the right to show as much or as little of their bodies as they want.

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This quote highlights Vought's hypocrisy as the company wants a new costume to take advantage of Starlight's recent show of empowerment. The company doesn't actually care about the empowerment of women; they just care about what is trendy and are willing to take away a woman's bodily autonomy to create a false and profitable image of empowerment.

8 Her Iconic Speech

"Anyone who tells you they know the answers is lying. And I know, I know, I'm supposed to be this hero-idol-symbol-whatever, but I don't know what the hell I'm doing. I'm just as scared and confused as the rest of you. I'm done pretending, and I'm done taking anymore sh*t."

When speaking at a Samaritan's Embrace event, Starlight begins by smiling and reading off the teleprompter. She quickly drops the script and the façade to deliver some sobering and much-needed truths. Starlight knows that saying things she doesn't believe in isn't going to help anyone. If she is actually going to help people with her words, she needs to tell them how she really feels and relate to them.

There is nothing more relatable and refreshing than a hero and public figure admitting that they don't have it all figured out, but they are not going to stand for injustice, and they are going to do what is right. Her honesty feels powerful and is a relief to everyone struggling with their own personal baggage, easily making Starlight one of The Boys' best characters.

7 Don't Contribute To The Problem

"If you jump ship and let the *ssholes steer, then you're part of the problem."

In a world filled with corruption and abuse of power, it is easy to become complacent, apathetic, and feel as if there is nothing that can be done. Starlight recognizes this, but she also recognizes that complacency and apathy only makes things worse.

She knows that in order to create change and make things better, she cannot give up, as that will only further embolden the powerful and the corrupt. Instead of adding to the problems, she uses her platform and her abilities to create positive change and to fight back against the injustices of Vought and Homelander.

6 Never Getting To Choose Her Own Dreams

"This was your dream. I never got a chance to choose my own dreams."

While Vought is to blame for manipulating the lives of Starlight and other superheroes, Starlight recognizes that the parents of superheroes are also accountable for these manipulations. Parents like her mother allowed their children to be experimented on and groomed to become superheroes for Vought to profit from and control.

Realizing that joining the Seven was never her dream but her mother's dream, Starlight realizes the sad truth of how much choice and freedom has been stolen from her life, even by her own mother.

5 Restoring Her Faith

"If Billy Butcher can do the right thing, then there's got to be some kind of higher power."

Starlight used to be religious as she and her mother were heavily involved in Samaritan's Embrace. As she learned about the corruption and the lies behind Samaritan's Embrace, Vought, and superheroes, she lost a lot of her faith.

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While the faith and perception of a higher power that she used to have will never be the same again, some of her faith was restored when she saw Billy Butcher do the right thing with Ryan in the season 2 finale. She realizes that if Billy Butcher--with all of his hatred of Homelander and superheroes--can do the right thing where Homelander's biological son Ryan is concerned, then there is hope for everyone, and there might just be a higher power out there after all.

4 It's Not The Temporary V's Fault

"I thought the drugs had f*cked you up, Hughie, but this is you. This is all you."

Starlight gives Hughie the benefit of the doubt for much of season 3, blaming the Temporary V for his poor and selfish choices. When Hughie makes it clear that he is desperate to save Starlight and desperate to feel powerful, she realizes that the Temporary V is not to blame.

One of the saddest things about Hughie is that he has always resented feeling like the weak one in his relationship with Starlight. The only difference was that he used to hide his feelings, but he can no longer hide them now that he can have powers and gets to play the hero he's always wanted to be.

3 The Truth About Heroes

"Most heroes don't care about you. They only care about their image, and Homelander is the worst of them."

Starlight's moments of public honesty and courage had been gradually increasing since season 1, but it took the horrific events of "Herogasm" to reach this breaking point. Despite all of the cruel things superheroes have done, most of the public still adores them and believe them to be infallible.

Unwilling to contribute to these lies any longer, Starlight bluntly and concisely delivers a hard, but necessary truth for the public to hear. It is particularly bold of her to call out Homelander as the worst of the superheroes, given all the evil things he has done with his destructive, potentially cataclysmic, and seemingly invincible abilities. She doesn't do it just to be bold; she does it because she knows it's right and she can no longer allow the public to believe that their "hero" who callously murders and destroys is a person to be admired and trusted.

2 Quitting Vought

"I'm not Starlight anymore. My name is Annie January and I f*cking quit."

Many people dream of quitting their jobs to their horrible boss's face in epic fashion. By renouncing her Starlight identity and quitting the Seven, Annie January quits through a livestream video amongst the carnage from Herogasm. True to her character, she doesn't just quit in a way that helps herself.

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She quits in a way where she can help people, informing the public of some of the true corruption and lies surrounding Vought, Homelander, and most of the other superheroes. She tried to make things better from the inside, but in the end, she realizes she can still use her platform, be more authentic to herself, and ultimately do more good on the outside as Annie.

1 No Longer Scared Of Homelander

"I'm not scared of you anymore. I'm not. I see who you are. I see how small you are."

Like most of the other members of the Seven, Annie was terrified of Homelander. That fear is one of Homelander's greatest assets, allowing him to control and manipulate others more than his actual powers can.

Annie is now able to see that underneath all of his power and strength is an immature boy who was unloved as a child, a boy who is desperate to be adored and admired, a boy who doesn't know how to cope when he doesn't get what he wants. Now that Annie sees through him and is no longer afraid of him, Homelander will never have the same hold over her again.

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