The 10 Best Teams That Doctor Strange Has Joined In The Comics

If Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness proved anything, it's that the Sorcerer Supreme is one of the most fascinating characters in Marvel Comics history. Outside of his mystical abilities, the good doctor is also known for his impeccable leadership skills, and he has put them to good use in many Marvel team-ups.

From his headlining gig with the Defenders, to his shady dealings with the Illuminati organization, Doctor Strange is never too far from most of Marvel's biggest teams. Though he's been a part of tons of collaborations over the years, only a select few have truly been all-star teams worth remembering.

The Avengers name has been thrown around a lot across the Marvel Universe, but the Avengers of the Supernatural were nevertheless a fitting nomenclature. Created when Mojo kidnapped various Avengers sects and made them part of one of his twisted TV shows, the Avengers of the Supernatural were the nerdy outcasts in his little high school drama.

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Even though they were brought together under silly circumstances, the team was still stacked with some of Marvel's best occult characters. With Strange as their leader, the team was a force to be reckoned with, and they would have fit right in amongst some of Marvel's mightiest Avengers rosters.

While most Marvel heroes deal with one earth only, Doctor Strange's involvement in the multiverse has put his task of heroism on a much higher plane. The Black Priests existed before Doctor Strange got involved, but his leadership skills helped to organize them into a consistent force.

Tasked with removing extraneous earths from the multiverse, some see the Black Priests as villains without remorse. Strange's leadership did little to change that impression, and his involvement has helped to push him more towards anti-hero status. Keeping the multiverse in balance is a difficult task, and the all-powerful black priests have shown frequently to be almost invincible when fighting those who wish to stop them.

Fancying himself a bit of a Charles Xavier type, Doctor Stephen Strange founded the Strange Academy to help wayward youth hone their magical abilities. The diversity of the young group was what made the team powerful, and the guidance of Doctor Strange helped to keep them on the right path.

Though Strange mostly took a back seat to their adventures, his leadership is what helped make them the heroes that they were. The team was strong because of the various different powers that they possessed, and they're youthful spirit was reminiscent of some of the best X-Men rosters over the years.

While the main Avengers roster has changed over the years, the New Avengers were intended to be an entirely separate team. Branching out from the government-sanctioned main roster, the New Avengers usually circumvented the rules to get things done.

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Doctor Strange joined the New Avengers after the Civil War storyline, and though he didn't stick around long, he contributed to the team in a leadership capacity. As is usually the case with Strange, he was drawn to the team because of its outsider nature, and he was able to apply his own unique morals to his time on the roster.

Some teams in Marvel history last a long time, while others are merely temporary alliances that grow out of necessity. The Ultimate Knights came together because of their mutual distaste for Kingpin, and their desire to stop his dastardly schemes.

Made up of other New York City based heroes including Daredevil, the team took on the notorious Kingpin after his nefarious plans against each of them had been revealed. Each bringing their own style to the table, the Knights were an interesting blend of non-superhuman and superhuman alike. Considering how many heroes it took to bring him down, there is no wonder why Kingpin is considered one of Marvel's most powerful villains.

On his own, Doctor Strange is an extremely powerful magic user, but some problems are so large that even he needs back up. The Sorcerers Supreme were founded by Strange when he gathered past and future Sorcerer Supremes to stop the fabric of reality from coming undone.

Featuring the likes of characters like Merlin and Sir Isaac Newton, the wizard team drew from several areas for its inspiration. As their leader, Strange represented the present, and the mind-bending adventure put his leadership skills to their harshest test. Though they only assembled for one short run, the Sorcerers Supreme's appearance has opened the door for exciting adventures in the future--or past.

The Marvel Universe is filled with darker heroes, and the Midnight Sons sought to ally those heroes into one unified force. Originally assembled by Doctor Strange himself, the occult centered team featured the likes of Blade, and the monster Man-Thing.

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Usually dealing with demonic forces, the team was disparate but worked together well when they had a common goal. Doctor Strange was tasked with keeping the team together, and it wasn't always an easy task with so many varied characters. Marvel had done horror themed teams before, but Midnight Sons represented the best of what the darker side of Marvel Comics had to offer.

The Infinity Saga was one of Marvel Comic's best crossover events, and it spanned the entirety of the comic universe. Assembled with the unified goal of defending the Infinity Stones, the Infinity Watch was originally created by Adam Warlock before Doctor Strange reassembled the team later on.

Aligning the likes of Warlock, Captain Marvel, and Star-Lord, the intergalactic team didn't fight together in the traditional team-up sense, but were nevertheless a tightly knit group. Understanding the gravity of the stones, Strange was the perfect leader for the group, and his guidance is one of the things that keeps the universe intact.

While teams like The Avengers operate out in the open, the Illuminati moved in the shadows and was one of Marvel's darkest team-ups. The group of Marvel's biggest brains came together in order to protect the earth by any means necessary. Those means usually involved conspiracy, and behind-the-scenes string pulling.

Strange aligned himself with characters like Professor X and Namor to form the group, and their secret machinations resulted in big events like the World War Hulk storyline. Eventually they became known, and their semi-nefarious schemes were thwarted by the Hulk and his Warbound allies. Strange is a fascinating Marvel character because his purely logical brain can sometimes have unintended and dangerous consequences for others.

Usually playing second fiddle to the much more famous Avengers, the Defenders were still a powerful force in the Marvel Universe. Comprised of edgier heroes like the Hulk and Namor, Doctor Strange's personal hero team has seen several roster changes throughout its long history in the comics.

Working outside of the box, the Defenders are a much looser organization than The Avengers, but they still pack quite a punch. As if having Hulk on the roster wasn't enough, the team also eventually recruited characters like Beast and the Silver Surfer. While they may never be a well known as The Avengers, the Defenders offer readers an alternative team to root for that is just as powerful but not as squeaky clean.

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