Stranger Things S4 Honest Trailer Misses Eddie's Obvious S3 Comparison

Screen Junkies releases their Stranger Things season 4 Honest Trailer poking fun at the latest installment of Netflix's popular sci-fi series. After nearly three years in the making due to various COVID-19 related delays, Stranger Things returned to Netflix in late May for its penultimate season, picking up eight months after the battle of Starcourt Mall and the events of the season 3 finale. For the first time in the show's history, season 4 finds the main characters scattered across drastically different locations, including Hawkins, California, and Russia.

Stranger Things season 4 follows a few different plotlines, starting with the gang who remained in Hawkins investigating Vecna's mysterious and gruesome killings, while Eleven reunites with Dr. Brenner in order to regain her powers and defeat the Upside Down's newest threat. Meanwhile, with the help of Jonathan's new friend Argyle, Mike and the Byers try to track Eleven down. The last plotline follows Joyce and Murray as they travel to Russia to bring Hopper back, who is being held in a labor camp and forced to fight Demogorgons. Stranger Things season 4 was met with rave reviews and record-breaking viewing numbers on Netflix, though some have criticized the supersized episodes as overstuffed.

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A little over a week after the final two episodes hit Netflix, Screen Junkies has released their Stranger Things season 4 Honest Trailer. While there are many things in the new season to focus on, the video mainly pokes fun as season 4 for being overstuffed with two many characters and cuttable plotlines, while also pointing out its not-so-subtle reference to the 1980s and the works of Stephen King. Curiously, the Honest Trailer misses Eddie's obvious season 3 comparison, listing Billy (instead of Alexei) as the fan-favorite newcomer who died. Check out the video in the space below:

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The Stranger Things season 4 Honest Trailer starts by setting the stage for the new season, which was released during a turbulent time for Netflix as they were seeing huge subscriber losses and a stock plunge. It's difficult to imagine a more-anticipated show Netflix could have released during this crucial time, considering Stranger Things season 4's record-breaking viewing numbers and rave reviews could have very well saved the streaming service from an ever greater fall from grace. That's not to say the new season is perfect, however.

Stranger Things season 4 may have been ambitious to a fault, as its attempt to track multiple storylines across various locations resulted in supersized episodes, the finale clocking in at a whopping 2 hours and 30 minutes. Since this gave the new season barely enough time to follow it main characters, some feel there were some unnecessary plotlines that could have been cut, such as the side conflicts between lab partners Dr. Brenner and Sam Owens, as well as Russian comrades Enzo and Yuri. Despite Stranger Things season 4's bloated runtime, the new episodes proved to be an enjoyable viewing experience for many, making sure anticipation is at an all-time high going into the show's fifth and final season.

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