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Obi-Wan Kenobi has finished and received and has proven to be another hit on Disney+. In Episode 3, a certain Jedi named Quinlan Vos was name-dropped, and ever since then, no one can stop talking about him.

Quinlan Vos is originally from a Star Wars comic called Republic but was later adopted into the canon, appearing in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Since then, outside of the Clone Wars novel Dark Disciple, Quinlan Vos hasn't reappeared. With this character getting so much attention lately, however, it's more than likely fans will see him again soon.

10 The Mandalorian Season 3

Vos appearing in Mandalorian Season 3 might be a bit of a longshot. However, with Jedi like Ahsoka and Luke making appearances, Vos isn't out of the question.

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Luke Skywalker hasn't quite disappeared from Star Wars as of now as he reappeared once again in The Book of Boba Fett, and the same can be said for Ahsoka. With this, it's completely possible these could be recurring characters in The Mandalorian. With the Empire in shambles and Luke rebuilding the Jedi Order, it's perfectly possible that a character like Vos could reappear to help out.

9 Ahsoka

Ahsoka Tano herself has had cameos and larger roles in multiple Star Wars series, so it's possible that characters like Vos could show up in her upcoming show. Interestingly, fans don't know how many Jedi are remaining by this point in time.

Grogu was clearly going to be Luke's first student, and Ahsoka doesn't technically consider herself a Jedi. It's always been believed that all of the Jedi were gone except Luke by the time of Return of the Jedi, but fans will have to wait and see how properties like the Jedi: Fallen Order sequel handle this.

8 Darth Vader (Comics)

Quinlan Vos technically appeared in the Darth Vader comics already, but it was only his picture as he was one of the Jedi surmised to possibly still be alive.

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The Darth Vader series has involved Vader fighting against numerous Jedi. While Star Wars could certainly do much more with a character like Quinlan Vos, it wouldn't be entirely surprising if he ended up being a character that Vader runs into and kills. This is something that could directly tie into the Kenobi series as well.

7 Lando

There's no news yet as to when Lando will take place, but it's more than likely it will occur between Solo and A New Hope. In this time frame, fans know that Quinlan Vos is still alive, working with the Path by smuggling Jedi younglings.

It's hard to know what this could do with Lando if this were to happen, but it's possible the Jedi Master could appear as a small cameo without Lando even realizing that Vos is in fact a Jedi. This would also give fans the first glimpse at who would be playing Vos and open up the possibilities for his own show.

6 Andor

Andor serves as a prequel to Rogue One and could be the perfect opportunity to introduce fans in live-action to Quinlan Vos. As of now, the Path and the Rebellion seem to be somewhat separate, but in time they will likely merge.

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Andor would be the perfect opportunity for fans to visually see this merging and that in turn could be an opportunity to bring Quinlan Vos into the story. While Andor certainly isn't showing a Jedi-centric plot, most of the movies and shows that don't still involve some Jedi in some way.

5 Bad Batch Season 2

Bad Batch has already had some scenes involving Jedi, but nothing major. Season 2 could open up the possibilities for more Jedi survivors of Order 66 to appear.

With Bad Batch seeming to be a long-running series much like The Clones Wars and Rebels the possibilities are endless. Now that fans know for certain that Jedi such as Quinlan Vos is alive it seems more than likely he'll appear in a future season of the Bad Batch, especially if the group ends up running into the Path.

4 Obi-Wan Kenobi Season 2

An Obi-Wan Kenobi Season 2 isn't confirmed, but it is highly rumored. There are many possibilities still left in store for Ben Kenobi, and not all of them might involve Tatooine.

If there is a season 2, it's more than likely he will once again go off-world and that would be the perfect opportunity to have the Jedi survivor Quinlan Vos appear. These two share a bond and a friendship in Star Wars, so to never see them together again feels wrong.

3 Jedi: Survivor

Jedi: Survivor takes place around the same time that Obi-Wan Kenobi does, so fans know for a fact that Quinlan Vos is still alive at this point.

The objective of Cal Kestis is to restore the Jedi Order. What better way then is there to bring in the Jedi who are actively helping Jedi younglings? Their goals align relatively well, and these two Jedi actually share something similar that no other Jedi possess. An ability called psychometry allows them to see into the past of items they touch.

2 Tales of the Jedi

Quinlan Vos is a Jedi that should get his own episode in Tales of the JediWhile fans know for certain that the first season will have some focus on Count Dooku and Ahsoka Tano, that doesn't stop Vos from appearing in their episodes or in a future season.

This may also be an opportunity to see Vos's master, Tholme, who only appears in Dark Disciple flashbacks for the canon. However, in Legends, he has a nasty scar across his eye that was dealt to him by Dooku.

1 His Own Story

Quinlan Vos is a big enough character that he could certainly obtain his own miniseries or series. Dark Disciple didn't shy away from borrowing a great deal of Vos's story from Legends and a Quinlan Vos series could easily continue this both for a story before Dark Disciple, during, and after.

While not as many fans read books as they might comics or shows and movies, it might be a better idea to adapt Dark Disciple as part of a Quinlan Vos series. This is also something that could easily tie into Tales of the Jedi.

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