South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 3 Updates - Everything We Know

Now that South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2 has arrived, this leaves the question of whether or not there will be a Streaming Wars Part 3. In August 2021, the creators of South Park signed a deal with Paramount Plus that promised at least six seasons and 14 feature-length specials of the series. While the first two specials, "The Pandemic Special" and "South ParQ Vaccination Special," were one-off releases, the third and fourth were a two-part special titled "The Post-COVID Saga."

When South Park: The Streaming Wars arrived, it wasn't entirely clear whether this special was the start of a new two-parter or a standalone outing. The special's ambiguous, the open-ended plot did leave plenty of room for a second part, but there was technically no need for The Streaming Wars Part 2 since the story of climate change devastating the titular town could have been incorporated into South Park's next season. However, on July 13, The Streaming Wars Part 2 arrived.

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The second part of the South Park feature-length special appeared to wrap up the story of The Streaming Wars, but that doesn't mean there won't be a Streaming Wars Part 3. After all, the plot of The Streaming Wars seemingly didn't require a sequel, and the special still received one. Here is everything we know about a potential The Streaming Wars Part 3 so far.

The Streaming Wars Part 3 has not yet been confirmed. The Streaming Wars Part 2 fixed South Park's Randy problem by cleverly utilizing the character's status as an insufferable Karen to defeat the nefarious Pi Pi while using his status as a geologist to solve the town of South Park's water crisis. However, the ending of The Streaming Wars Part 2 didn't clarify whether Randy was back to his lovably bland early-season self for good or if the zanier, more outlandish Randy (or Karen) of recent South Park seasons would be back soon. This is one major unresolved plot thread that the special's sequel could address.

The ending of  The Streaming Wars Part 2 sets up a possible internal conflict for Randy Marsh, as the character must decide whether to be his Tegridy Weed-selling, outrageous Karen self or his more reserved, self-serious persona from earlier South Park seasons. Randy's recent status as a South Park lead character is something that The Streaming Wars Part 2 effectively deconstructed. As such, The Streaming Wars Part 3 could address the question of whether Randy should stay an over-the-top Karen or revert to his old self.

However, that's not the only storyline set up by the ending of The Streaming Wars Part 2. The existence of ManBearPig's wife and child, as Stan notes, implies that climate change will produce new and unexpected effects that will impact the eponymous town. Randy and the rest of South Park's locals wilfully opt to intentionally ignore this, which could come back to bite them in The Streaming Wars Part 3. That said, South Park's serialization means that this dangling plot thread could be wrapped up in the next season of South Park, thus eliminating any need for The Streaming Wars Part 3.

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It is tough to tell when The Streaming Wars Part 3 will be released. There was a one-month gap between The Streaming Wars Part 1 and its sequel, meaning an August 15th, 2022 release date would be the most logical time for the special to arrive. However, this assumes that a direct sequel to South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2 happens instead of the series taking a break until its next season.

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