Sonic the Hedgehog's New Characters Can Revolutionize His Canon

The reintroduction of forgotten characters Mecha Knuckles and Witchcart in two separate upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog comics could revolutionize IDW's series if done correctly.

In the gaming world, Mecha Knuckles just appears once in a single release called Sonic Advance for Game Boy Advance, even though he's a mechanized version of a popular character. And although Witchcart has no associations whatsoever to something well-known in the Sonic universe, she serves as the main antagonist and final boss of the game Tails' Skypatrol. She even claims a whole island as her own while Mecha Knuckles is just one part of Dr. Eggman's diabolical plot in Sonic Advance.

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The fact that these characters are relatively unknown except to super fans makes them the perfect additions for two separate upcoming series that IDW Publishing recently announced. Mecha Knuckles will appear in a spooky four-issue miniseries called Scrapnik Island by writer Daniel Barnes, artist Jack Lawrence and colorist Nathalie Fourdraine. And it's only proper that Witchcart, a character who served as a main antagonist to Tails in his own video game, will debut in a special issue dedicated to the two-tailed fox called Sonic The Hedgehog: Tails’ 30th Anniversary Special by writer Ian Flynn, artist Aaron Hammerstrom and colorist Reggie Graham.

While both Witchcart and Mecha Knuckles will be based on their video game counterparts, longtime comic fans can't help but connect them to earlier characters from Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog series. Mecha Knuckles is not a separate entity in Archie's canon unlike Sonic Advance's boss but is actually Knuckles himself. In the comics, the echidna voluntarily agrees to get himself roboticized to help take down Sonic, who has been roboticized by Dr. Robotnik. And although Witchcart also appears in Archie's series, she is retconned into the sister of Ixis Nagus, a character who was loosely based on a villain from the Saturday morning cartoon that greatly influenced the comics. While it's incredibly unlikely that writers Ian Flynn and Daniel Barnes will venture into the far reaches of Sonic lore with Mecha Knuckles and Witchcart, longtime Sonic fans who still miss Archie Comics' darker version of the Blue Blur and the rich culture and mythologies therein will undoubtedly still cling to hope that they'll find some correlations to those earlier times.

Although Sonic is a Sega character, it's always exciting when the comics create their own elements that deviate from the video games. Of course, Archie Comics incorporated Sega releases in special tie-in issues like Shadow's backstory from Sonic Adventure and when Sonic turned into the werehog from Sonic Unleashed. But these were all isolated incidents that only served to augment the regular series. Although highly influenced by the games, IDW has recently begun to deviate from Sega with the introduction of proprietary characters such as Dr. Starline, Surge the Tenrec and Kitsunami the Fennec. That momentum should continue. Readers who are more a fan of the comics than the video games come to IDW's Sonic series looking for something wholly different. Hopefully writers Ian Flynn and Daniel Barnes are given the leeway to put their own unique spins on Mecha Knuckles and Witchcart in Scrapnik Island and the Tails’ 30th Anniversary Special so that their creations are original and enrich IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.

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Scrapnik Island will be released in October 2022 and Sonic The Hedgehog: Tails’ 30th Anniversary Special will come out in November 2022.

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