RHOSLC: Fans Ask How Much Coach Shah Knew About Jen’s Illegal Scheme

Star of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Jen Shah recently pleaded guilty for wire fraud and money laundering, and fans are questioning how much her husband Sharrieff “Coach” Shah knew about her illegal dealings. Jen portrayed a lavish lifestyle during RHOSLC season 1. She boasted about her “Shah Chalet” and her multiple assistants she called her “Shah Squad.” Many RHOSLC fans wondered what Jen did for a living and it seemed as if her castmates were in the dark as well. Viewers knew that Sharrieff was a prominent college football coach and made half a million dollars per year.

Still, many fans doubted Coach Shah’s salary was able to fund Jen’s extravagant lifestyle. During RHOSLC season 1, Jen threw her castmate Meredith Marks a birthday party that she claimed cost $80K. During a Watch What Happens Live episode, host Andy Cohen asked if Sharrieff knew how much Jen had spent on the party. The RHOSLC star claimed he hadn’t known at the time but is now aware of the hefty price tag. However, she bragged, “That’s why you work, b******. You make your own money and a man can’t tell you what to do with it.”

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Since her arrest, Jen has insisted that she was innocent. However, days before her trial, Jen changed her plea to guilty. Now, RHOSLC fans are asking how much Sharrieff was aware of Jen’s telemarketing scheme. Reddit user u/ladybakes posted, “I remembered last night that Coach Shah was an attorney for 12 years…Man, you have to wonder what went on behind closed doors in their home. He had to know what was coming down.” Sharrieff clearly didn't make enough to fund Jen's lifestyle. Thundersnow528 posed, “I’m starting to think Jen (and coach because hell yes he had a rough idea) were fully aware of what they were doing and sadly, deep down, don’t think of it as stealing or wrong, but a part of acceptable business practices in the US.”

The original Reddit poster brought up how during the RHOSLC season 2 reunion, Andy asked Sharrieff if he ever asked Jen how she earned her living and he shrugged it off. Jen was offended by how wealthy people of color was often questioned about their income. Reddit user ohmeatballhead responded, “In theory I get her irritation about the microaggressions people can exhibit towards wealthy POCs but knowing she said that with full awareness that she was stealing is just sick and undermining. And of course Coach knew or had an idea.” Many RHOSLC fans agreed that Sharrieff had some knowledge of Jen’s illegal dealings as she frequently spend large sums of money on private jets and designer clothes.

RHOSLC fans have speculated that Sharrieff is staying married to Jen so that he wouldn’t be forced to testify against her. Many believe that once she is sentenced, he’ll file for divorce. Prior to her guilty plea, Jen faced up to fifty years in prison. After changing her plea to guilty, she may serve a maximum of fourteen years. Jen’s sentencing has been set for November 28, 2022, and The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star will face a tough road ahead.

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