RHODubai: Why Fans Are Slamming Caroline Stanbury's Husband Sergio

In the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Dubai, Caroline Stanbury’s husband Sergio Carrallo made a comment regarding IVF that had fans slamming him as ignorant. As RHODubai premiered, viewers were interested to see the dynamic between Caroline and her much younger fianc√©, who is 18 years her junior. As the couple prepared for their upcoming wedding, Caroline was often stressed and exasperated by the planning. As a divorce√©, Caroline shared that she didn’t want to get married again and was only having the wedding for Sergio, who had never been wed.

A big point of contention between Caroline and Sergio was his wish to have children. At the time, she was 45 years old and admitted that getting pregnant would be difficult for her. Caroline, who shares her children Yasmine, Aaron, and Zac with her ex-husband Cem Habib, revealed that she had a difficult pregnancy and suffered from pre-eclampsia with her twin sons. Caroline also knew that she would have to get pregnant using IVF due to her age, but despite the roadblocks, Sergio insisted he wanted children.

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During Caroline’s after-wedding brunch in the latest RHODubai episode, she casually discussed her and Sergio’s plans to have a baby. Caroline’s ex-sister-in-law, Sophie Stanbury, gently reminded her and Sergio that she had nearly died while giving birth to Aaron and Zac. Sergio chimed in and said if Caroline has any complications during her pregnancy, they could simply take the baby out and transfer it to a surrogate. RHODubai fan u/Marianne5710 posted on Reddit, “Stanbury spent her formative years at a boarding school receiving top notch education so she could marry a man who thinks you can safely transfer a baby from one host to another.”

Many RHODubai fans wondered what Caroline’s attraction to Sergio was, other than him being a handsome young Spanish ex-soccer player. One Reddit user mused, “I bet she played second fiddle in her first marriage and now likes being HBIC in this new relationship.” Another commented, “Honestly I think she likes his young and stupid because she can control him better that way.” RHODubai fans also recalled when Caroline suggested using a surrogate for their baby and Sergio lamented that the baby wouldn’t look like them. Reddit user localmicrodosechamp commented bleakly, “The lives women live are dimmed by men.”

Caroline recently shared her struggles with her IVF journey. While she and Sergio have one viable male embryo, her second round proved to be unsuccessful. She shared that they would try for another round and hope for the best. Many RHODubai fans sympathize with Caroline, as it appears she is giving up her freedom in order to produce a child for Sergio. With such a big age difference, it seems as if Caroline and Sergio have many hurdles to overcome and The Real Housewives of Dubai fans are curious to see how their relationship will fare.

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