Of Course Rob Zombie's Munsters Is Divisive (Have You Seen His Work?!)

The reception to the trailer of Rob Zombie's adaptation of The Munsters has been divisive, to say the least, but this was to be expected given the director's previous work. Zombie's movies have a history of being contentious, and The Munsters is clearly no exception. After all, this is not the first time he has reinterpreted a famous horror franchise with his own controversial style.

Rob Zombie's The Munsters will be a reboot of the original sitcom that premiered in 1964. The show was about the titular family of odd-looking monsters, who lived in the suburbs and considered themselves to be a typical American household. It was one of two similar programs debuting the same year, causing many to call The Munsters a ripoff of The Addams Family. Rob Zombie is a huge fan of The Munsters and has slipped many references to the show in his work throughout his music and film careers. The most famous of these is his song "Dragula," named for the Munsters' car, which can be heard in The Matrix.

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As a filmmaker, Rob Zombie is no stranger to controversy. Despite initially backing the project, Universal Pictures refused to release his first film, House of 1000 Corpses, fearing that it would earn the dreaded NC-17 rating for its depictions of graphic violence. The movie would only see the light of day three years later, in 2003, after Zombie bought the rights back from Universal and cut a deal with Lionsgate. Ultimately, it would have to be cut down to an R rating anyway. Then in 2007, Rob Zombie's Halloween remake was incredibly divisive among critics and fans for its humanizing depiction of Michael Myers as a child, completely undoing the unknowable threat of The Shape in John Carpenter's original.

The majority of the criticisms against Rob Zombie's The Munsters seem to focus on the perceived cheapness of the production. However, that style is in keeping with the rest of Zombie's filmography. He has never directed a movie with more than a $15 million price tag (the budget of both of his Halloween movies) and the majority of his films cost significantly less. The low-budget aesthetic of The Munsters is both part of Zombie's style and in keeping with the original show, which aired long before shows like Stranger Things could have budgets of $30 million per episode. While the trailer for The Munsters reboot may look bad for its low budget, this is nothing out of the ordinary for a Rob Zombie production.

Rob Zombie has also stated that he has been trying to develop The Munsters as a movie for over 20 years, due to his life-long love of the show. He has also brought in many actors that he's worked with in the past, such as his wife, Sheri-Moon Zombie, Jeff Daniel Phillips, and Richard Brake, who is now best known for playing the Night King in Game of Thrones. With that level of reverence for the source material, Zombie is sure to treat the show's characters with care. He has also promised that he will bring back a number of returning characters in his Munsters reboot. For him, this is clearly not a cynical cash grab but instead a letter of love to a show that he has enjoyed nearly all his life. Ultimately, Rob Zombie's The Munsters may not be for everyone, but then again, none of his movies are.

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