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Though Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ended with the seeming death of Wanda Maximoff, fans doubt that will be the last they see of her. This hope was all but confirmed when Marvel producer Richie Palmer claimed that "Wanda Maximoff is the jewel in the crown [of Marvel Phase 4]" - a comment which seems to imply she has far greater arcs to come.

Her MCU arc so far has been plagued by grief, and fans are eager to see who she can become as she moves forward. Given that she has undergone a lot of pain and torment, fans hope that they won't have to see any more heartbreaking scenes or hear any more devastating quotes since she deserves to find happiness.

Though Wanda and Vision were pitted against each other in Civil War, they spent two years building a relationship by the start of Infinity War, and it was quickly apparent how much they loved one another. To stop Thanos, though, Vision asks Wanda to destroy the Mind Stone, and himself with it.

Wanda refuses because Vision's life is too high a price for half the universe, not just because Wanda judges him so highly, but also because of what he means to her. Audiences can feel the desperation in her voice, made worse by Vision's tragic end only a few hours later.

While most of the Avengers refused to see any humanity in Wanda and Pietro's choice to work with Hydra, the audience gets their first glimpse as the twins tell their story to Ultron. At only ten years old, their lives were torn apart by Stark weaponry, leading them to a lifelong desire to take something back from him.

Tony Stark saw the immediate destructiveness of his company's weaponry in Iron Man, but the suspense of waiting for death in the rubble of your home is a horror beyond typical action movie fare. Thinking about the Maximoff twins' traumatic childhood is heartbreaking and illustrates the tragedy of war in a more intimate way than one.

When S.W.O.R.D. attempts to force Wanda to drop the Hex, she asks them to simply leave her in peace. But they can't do that, forcing an immediate escalation which Monica tries to defuse with an emotional appeal. Wanda's accent slips out as she explains that she has everything she wants, and this time she intends to keep it.

The Hex allowed Wanda to have Vision, their children, and a life of simple conflicts and wacky hijinks. The idea that the military would take a vested interest in tearing that away from her makes Wanda dangerous and shows how close she is too shattering if anything else is taken away from her.

Though Wanda always tried to do what she thought was right, everyone around her seemed eager to believe the worst. Without the people she loved to remind her of all the good she could do, Wanda's morality slipped. Monica was the only one who refused to see Wanda as a villain, reaching out to her with sympathy even as Wanda gave in to her biggest fears.

Wanda doubted her own capacity for good, but while calling herself the villain was meant as a threat, the crack in her voice betrayed her calculated expression. She's always been afraid of her own darkness and accepting her role as the villain is a submission to everyone who ever told her she was little more than a dangerous weapon.

When Pietro died, Wanda's power blasted out of her along with a scream. Rather than letting her grief consume her, though, she went after Ultron herself. Though it took the whole team to fight off Ultron and his forces before, Wanda shows the first glimpse of her true power, ripping his core out of his chest.

She compares the pain and emptiness he must have felt in his last moments to the pain she felt losing her brother, claiming she died when he did. Pietro protected her when they lost their parents, and losing him fundamentally breaks a part of her. Wanda's grief breaks fans' hearts, especially considering it was barely acknowledged again until Wandavision.

After the Hulk snapped his fingers and brought everyone back, there wasn't much time for the returned heroes to collect themselves before going back into battle against Thanos. But Wanda didn't need any preparation, coming through the portal and immediately taking on Thanos in one of her best fight scenes, fueled by her desperation and heartbreak.

After losing so many people in her life, losing Vision twice before being dusted destroyed everything Wanda had left. Fueled by her emotions, she could go head-to-head against Thanos and come out on top. But after all the fighting was over, she had still lost everything, and nobody seemed to care.

Wanda didn't seem to know exactly what was happening when Wandavision first began, but the more Vision dug, the more aware she became, fighting to keep the world as it was. That led the two to fight, with Wanda insisting she was doing what was best for them both until Vision demanded to know the truth about the real world.

When he asks, her anger immediately fades away, and the pain is clear in her voice as she begs him to stay ignorant. Her life had been a series of horrible tragedies since she was ten years old, but Westview is peaceful. For his sake and her own, Wanda rejects the real world, hoping her fabricated world will be enough.

Nobody took the time to check on Wanda after she ended the Hex, despite the resurgence of grief she was obviously going to be struggling against. Instead, she was left alone to learn about the multiverse and be tortured by her variants' happiness. Doctor Strange then added insult to injury by telling her that her children don't exist.

Though that was a heartless comment to begin with, Wanda tells him that it also isn't true, as Billy and Tommy exist in an infinite number of universes, except for her own.  Losing her children, only to see them every night, just out of reach, would be any mother's worst nightmare.

When Vision worried something was wrong with the Mind Stone, Wanda checked it before telling him, "I just feel you," a line he parroted back to her as he died. After the Avengers defeated Thanos, Wanda went to the S.W.O.R.D. facility to retrieve Vision's body. Upon trying to sense her lover, Wanda admitted with horror, "I can't feel you."

All she wanted to do was give Vision the proper funeral they both deserved, only for her to find the government defiling her lover's corpse. Until this moment, there was hope that Wanda's power could have brought Vision back, but her inability to feel him confirmed that he was truly gone.

While Wanda is trying to find a way to process her pain, Doctor Strange labels the loss of everyone she has ever lost as "terrible sacrifices." That phrasing minimizes their losses and what impact that had on her, a fact Wanda makes clear with this line.

Wanda had to kill Vision herself, only for Thanos to wind back time and do it again, acquiring the Mind Stone in the process. She then lost her husband and children to do what was right for Westview. With each 'sacrifice,' the only thing she got in return was more people fearing her, proving that they weren't worth the unending pain she suffered as an Avenger.

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