Marvel's Avengers: How to Unlock Black Panther's Panther Crew Outfit

The Black Panther in Marvel's Avengers has a new unlockable suit: the Panther Crew outfit. The Panther Crew outfit joins the 29 other cosmetic outfits that players can unlock for T'Challa to customize his look. Black Panther joined the Marvel's Avengers with the War for Wakanda DLC, a highly anticipated release that brought new content, new characters, and new storylines to the online multiplayer action brawler released in 2020. Since War for Wakanda's launch, the new characters have been given unlockable suits that players can find, earn, and use to customize their favorite superheroes.

While suit changes are only cosmetic changes to the appearance of MCU characters and do not offer any bonuses, unlocking different suits and changing the look of the Marvel Avenger's characters has been a large part of the game. The developers have incorporated many different suit styles for the playable characters, like the MCU costumes from Captain America: Civil War and the suits from Avengers: Infinity War, among many others from comic book series. Most of the suits can be purchased individually in the marketplace or in bulk using Marvel's Avengers' Shipments, which can be bought with the in-game currency called units that unlock new content.

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The Panther Crew suit in Marvel's Avengers is an all-white base with a gold belt. On top, T'Challa wears a black Duster, looking very similar to his Most Dangerous Man suit. It comes from the comic The Crew #2 (2003), where Kevin "Kasper" Cole becomes the Black Panther to fight bad guys in New York City. Marvel's Avengers dropped it in the marketplace, and for now, it is only available through purchasing shipments.

Shipments are a loot box that allows players to purchase different suits, and they rotate in stock daily and weekly. As the Panther Crew suit is new for the beginning of July, starting July 8, it will be in the Marvel's Avengers Shipments tab for about a week. To access Shipments, go to the Consumables tab in the Character Management menu. From there, players can spend 250 units on a Shipment. Normally, Shipments rotate every 24 hours, and players be warned, the price for Shipments can change; they were only 50 for the first week in July.

If players need to farm units to purchase Shipments, they should accept faction missions. There are two main factions in Marvel's Avengers: SHIELD and the Inhuman Alliance. By completing missions from either of these factions, players will earn rewards and bonuses, including units that can be used to purchase Shipments in Marvel's Avengers. Faction rewards for SHIELD can be collected from Sidney Levine, the main vendor in the Chimera, and faction rewards for the Inhuman Alliance can be collected from Maddy Cho, the main vendor in The Ant Hill. In addition to faction missions, players will earn units for beating bosses and progressing the game's story.

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Marvel's Avengers is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Windows, and Google Stadia.

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