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Man vs. Bee has delighted audiences of all ages since its recent Netflix release, with Rowan Atkinson's comedy antics resulting in some of the streaming service's funniest scenes. This delightful series from the Mr. Bean creator follows professional house sitter Trevor Bingley as he looks after Nina and Christian's luxurious mansion, which takes a disastrous turn. Trevor's determination to catch a mischievous bee leads to him committing terrible acts, creating many problems for the house and its living occupants.

The house sitter's unhealthy obsession with his bee nemesis reveals a deeply unhinged side to Trevor, as he uses several questionable methods to remove the insect intruder from the mansion. Trevor's deranged mindset sees him commit some of the worst acts, with his time at the mansion ending catastrophically.

10 Destroying The Ornament

Nina and Christian's mansion is home to many valuable antiques, including an ornament that is displayed in the millionaire couple's kitchen. Trevor gives little regard to this showpiece, however, with an early mishap seeing him haphazardly breaking the sculpture while trying to swat the bee away.

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These irresponsible actions reflect a careless approach by Trevor towards his housekeeping duties, with the priceless ornament destroyed by his bumbling behavior. Instead of owning up to his mistake, the house sitter opts to casually fix the head back onto the sculpture with super glue in the hope that the owners won't notice its sudden depletion in value.

9 Attempting To Murder The Bee

Animals and insects have produced some of the best heroes, but Man vs. Bee's titular bee fulfills a more antagonistic role throughout the Netflix series. The troublesome bee torments Trevor throughout the comedy program, however, his reaction towards the pesky insect leaves little to be desired, as he repeatedly attempts to end the poor bee's life.

Trevor embarks on a murderous vendetta to rid the mansion of its bee occupant, utilizing various extreme methods to kill his flying nemesis. Among his cruelest methods are his attempts to whisk it to death with an electric hand mixer, and his callous scheme to crush the bee with the piano keys as it flies inside the musical instrument, representing his sadistic attitude towards sentient life.

8 Burning The Manual

Before departing for the airport, Nina and Christian leave Trevor with a manual that details how to operate the mansion's hugely impressive technology. This highly important booklet is shown little respect by Trevor, however, who soon sets fire to the book while trying to cook his soup.

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Trevor's reckless conduct leaves him without the essential guide to the mansion's daily operations, as he burns the manual on the oven's electric hob. His negligent act could have resulted in Christian's home being burnt to the ground, with the book quickly catching fire, marking this as a particularly thoughtless move.

7 Making Cupcake Sick

The movie industry has featured some of the best companion dogs, and Rowan Atkinson's latest TV Series introduces audiences to one of the small screen's finest pooches. Cupcake is a cute presence throughout Man vs. Bee, although the poor canine falls foul of Trevor's foolhardy antics throughout the comedy program, with one of his most unfortunate dealings with the house sitter ending with him suffering a serious allergic reaction.

Despite being advised by the mansion's owners of Cupcake's allergies, Trevor unwisely allows their pet to eat peanut butter, which causes the unlucky dog to produce a pile of diarrhea. He shows a distinct lack of compassion for the animal's wellbeing following his neglectful actions, displaying a greater concern for catching the bee as opposed to Cupcake's health following the incident.

6 Destroying Priceless Artwork

Through their immense wealth, Nina and Christian have amassed a collection of some of the finest art pieces from across the globe. The pair proudly introduce their house sitter to these exquisite designs before leaving their home behind, but Trevor fails to show the same kind of respect towards these expensive artworks, with his bumbling high jinks destroying these pieces completely.

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During his childish clashes with the bee, Trevor wrecks a few of the owners' most priceless art, including a Kandinsky mobile hanging from the wall, which Christian reveals to be worth £80,000. This extremely valuable construction is ruined by Trevor's electric hand mixer, which becomes entangled with the mobile creation. Trevor later tears another of the couple's costly art pieces with a hammer, while trying to break into the library, displaying a heartless disregard for the homeowners' prized possessions.

5 Wrecking The Car

The media industry has delivered audiences some of the best movie cars, and Man vs. Bee features one of the greatest television automobiles. Trevor is first introduced to this vehicle by Christian, who confirms it to be an "E-type Jaguar," and the car plays a vital role in the show's eighth episode, which sees Trevor climb into the driver's seat.

Trevor's dangerous driving results in the Jaguar losing its exhaust, as he races to transport Cupcake to the vets. Additionally, his desperate pursuit of the bee sees him decide to remove the car's dashboard, before destroying its glistening bodywork with a chainsaw, causing unwarranted destruction to an automobile that Christian reveals to be worth 2 million pounds.

4 Making A Bomb

Through his time at the luxury mansion, Trevor demonstrates a practical approach to the problems he encounters, as he tries to put an end to the bee's reign of terror. The clumsy house sitter concocts a particularly deadly device to deal with the pesky insect during the show's final episode, as he constructs a bomb outside the millionaires' home.

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Attempting to trick the bee into a beehive, Trevor demonstrates a cold and bloodthirsty approach to pest control, as he aims to end the bee's life in an especially brutal fashion. Furthermore, his fatal device not only ruins the couple's perfectly manicured lawn but also crushes their dog Cupcake, making this one of Trevor's most despicable acts.

3 Destroying The Manuscript

Mostly known for Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson has starred in some of the best movies according to IMDb, with the British comic having entertained many audiences over the years. His most recent part as Trevor sees him looking after a mansion with a priceless manuscript, which proves decidedly unsuccessful when Cupcake gets hold of the book.

Trevor's carelessness costs Nina and Christian dearly, as he allows Cupcake entry into the library, despite previously being advised the room was out-of-bounds for the loveable pooch. His mistake ends with the dog tearing the manuscript to shreds, which Christian previously revealed to be worth millions, creating a massive headache for the millionaire couple.

2 Poisoning Cupcake

Man vs. Bee's slapstick humor poses several problems for Cupcake throughout the Netflix comedy, with Trevor's desperation to catch the bee landing the unlucky pooch with various ailments. One of Trevor's foulest misdeeds concerns his poisoning of Nina and Christian's beloved pet, as the dog falls into Trevor's lethal trap intended for the bee.

Cupcake is subjected to an assortment of cleaning sprays, as she pushes her way into the cupboard where the trap is contained. Trevor's nonchalant behavior results in the dog becoming poisoned by the chemicals, which leads to Cupcake being forced to wear an unsightly collar by the vet. The neglectful house sitter also displays a deceitful demeanor when Nina requests to see her dog on a video call, claiming Cupcake to be asleep rather than suffering from a serious illness.

1 Setting The House Alight

Nina and Christian's luxurious mansion is a particularly magnificent home, with the gorgeous household containing many interesting features, such as a private library and sensor-operated taps. Unfortunately, the mansion becomes a victim of Trevor's pursuit of the bee, as he grabs hold of a flamethrower from the millionaire couple's garden shed.

Attempting to kill the bee with fire, Trevor's horrendous actions instead leave Nina and Christian homeless, as their house is engulfed in flames. His appalling conduct sees him arrested for arson, and the disgraceful house sitter is sentenced to jail time for his atrocious deeds.

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