Love Island USA: Valerie Bragg Reveals Female Islander Made Her Cry

It's not all sunshine and bikinis on Love Island USA, as contestant Valerie Bragg revealed that one of the female islanders made her cry. Valerie was eliminated from the reality TV dating competition show at the end of episode 6 after failing to couple up with one of the male islanders. The Costa Rica-born contestant arrived on the island at the end of episode 2 with Mady McLanahan, who is currently coupled with Isaiah Campbell. She quickly made a connection with Jesse Bray, and when it was time to choose a partner, she followed her heart and chose Jesse, leaving Deb Chubb single and alone in her bed.

The Love Island contestant thought things were going well between her and Jesse, but she soon found out her partner was telling Deb the same flirty things he was telling her. When Jesse admitted to still having feelings for Deb, Valerie had no desire to fight for his love. Instead, she quickly moved on to Tyler Radziszewski, who arrived at the Love Island villa during episode 4. Unfortunately, Tyler was also getting to know Sereniti Springs. During the recoupling on Love Island USA, Jesse chose Deb, and Tyler chose Sereniti, sending Valerie on the first boat back to Florida.

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What Love Island fans didn't get a chance to see was the moment one female contestant brought Valerie to tears. The former islander was a guest on the After The Island podcast, hosted by Love Island USA season 1 winner Elizabeth Weber and season 1 runner-up Alex Stewart, where she let fans in on the vulnerable incident. The confident contestant told the hosts, "There was a situation that I actually had with a girl, that she actually made me cry." Valerie revealed that the female contestant was pretty mean to her on the show, and because the situation was so overwhelming, she broke down in tears.

Unfortunately for curious Love Island fans, Valerie didn't name names, but going off of which guys the islander was interested in, fans may be able to guess who the mean girl was. Luckily, Valerie had a close bond with Mady and Sydney on the island, and the latter defended her when the incident occurred. Fans may find this surprising, as Sydney wasn't too pleased to see Valerie getting close to her partner, Isaiah. Sadly, Valerie said the confrontation affected her mood for the rest of her time on the show. "I just didn't feel welcome anymore," she confessed.

Valerie arrived making connections with most of the men on the island, so the unnamed islander could have been anyone. The Love Island contestant also admitted she made connections with Timmy and Felipe. Going by Zeta's reaction to Timmy flirting with other girls in the most recent episode, she may have been the one to break Valerie down. However, it's not fair to pin the incident on any of the contestants, so any theories are just speculation. After all, being in the competitive nature of Love Island could cause anyone to go after someone they see as a rival. While Valerie may not have made it very far on Love Island USA, at least she's free from the toxic environment at the villa.

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Source: After The Island/YouTube

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