Love Island UK: 10 Islanders Who Quit Or Were Ejected From The Villa

Dumpings are a regular part of Love Island UKThe convention is that they are voted out either by the public or by the other islanders in the villa. Gathering around the firepit usually results in someone packing their bags and catching their plane home. However, some islanders leave the villa in a very different way.

Ejections are decided based upon bad behavior on Love Island, with the producers being forced to act. Alternatively, islanders may choose to leave, whether it's based on personal issues or to quit the villa to be with the person that they had met on their summer holiday abroad.

8 The Casa Amor Leftovers

Every year a range of new islanders are introduced through the medium of Casa Amor, with their task being to couple up before the week is up. It's a tough task, as not everyone's heads will turn. But there's also a little bit of a rush for the new islanders, that are working against the clock.

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While it's classed as a dumping, it's more of an ejection once Casa Amor is completed. There is no voting off, nor is there a traditional recoupling, with the islanders removed immediately and never heard from again. It's difficult coming in at Casa Amor because screen time may really be limited.

7 Liam: Season 8

The latest season has had some of the worst Love Island UK cast members of all time, but season 8's Liam seemed like a genuinely nice guy. The islander never really got going though. He was involved in a love triangle early on, after coupling up with Gemma, before she was stolen by Davide.

After this, he seemed to lose faith in the process and quickly decided that Love Island wasn't for him. It was the right choice because if his mental health was being impacted then it was an incredibly powerful move to know that he had to step away from the situation. Here's hoping that Liam is doing a lot better on the outside!

6 Amy Hart: Season 5

Amy Hart immediately captured the audience's attention because of how genuine she was. She was embarking on her first-ever relationship and fans witnessed her discovering love for the first time in her life with islander Curtis, a sign of why Love Island can be one of the best reality dating shows out there. However, it was never meant to be.

Curtis came back from Casa Amor a changed man and wasn't convinced that he wanted to continue on with Amy. This broke her heart, but in a bold move, she decided to quit Love Island so that she could recollect herself and move on to bigger and better things. It was perhaps the best decision she could have made.

5 Georgia And Sam: Season 4

Georgia and Sam might have found real love in the villa, but it didn't quite sell to audiences. In fact, they were among the most unpopular couples on Love Island, and that had consequences. They were given a choice, they could either break up and carry on in the villa, or leave the show.

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Thus the duo decided to quit, in spite of what the public was saying. They continued their relationship on the outside for a small amount of time before eventually breaking up. Perhaps they could have continued to try out other connections on Love Island but they did what they felt was best for them.

4 Sherif: Season 5

One unpopular opinion surrounding Love Island is that the producers sometimes make the wrong calls. Some fans feel that may be the case with Sherif, who was booted from season 5 of the show after only a brief appearance. There's a lot of controversy surrounding the incident.

It's been stated that he accidentally kicked fellow islander Mollie-Mae while they were training together. It was laughed off by all involved and Mollie-Mae supposedly had no problem with the incident. However, Sherif was then removed from the villa permanently, suggesting there was more to the situation than first reported. Ultimately, the safeguarding of islanders is of the utmost importance so the correct choice had to be made.

3 Ollie: Season 6

Ollie is another islander who essentially didn't make any impact on the show. He was initially coupled up with Paige, but there was more going on behind the scenes. With controversial images of Ollie on a hunting trip emerging on the outside, he was quietly removed from the villa.

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The reason given was that Ollie was supposedly not over his ex-girlfriend and was thus not able to continue on the process, a few days in. However, some believe there is a lot more going on here, based upon the drama that was taking place off camera.

2 Malia: Season 2

Malia is one of the most shocking contestants from a British reality show. Her appearance in season 2 didn't last more than 24 hours. In fact, it didn't even last more than 12 hours. The character went on one date and then returned to the villa to immediately cause drama.

She was so controversial that a fight broke out, leaving the producers no choice but to evict Malia immediately. She'll go down in history as one of the shortest staying members of the show, but violence is obviously something that cannot be allowed in Love Island UK. 

1 Liberty And Jake: Season 7

Liberty and Jake genuinely put everything into their relationship in Love Island... well at least Liberty did. It was clear that Jake's head was elsewhere and as the show progressed it was obvious that things just weren't working. The pair were sure to be in the final of the series though.

Yet, they decided mere hours before the grand finale that they would leave the show for good. It was awkward for all involved as they immediately broke up, without the duo really even speaking to one another on their exit interview. It seems that they are both much happier since.

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