Lord Of The Rings: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Gandalf As A Character

The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power will premiere on Prime Video on September 2, 2022, and fans can't wait to see the new adaptation of the emblematic pieces of J. R. R Tolkien. After the previous extraordinary films by Peter Jackson, nothing but excellence can be expected out of Middle Earth's stories.

Although characters such as Galadriel and Elrond are coming back to the film adaptation of Tolkien's appendixes, the most beloved wizard of Middle Earth, Gandalf, will probably not have a big role in the series. Even so, Gandalf has already given fans many treasurable moments to hold on to, and a lot of inspiration to make funny memes about him.

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Gandalf is a Maiar who acquired mortal form after he was sent by Manwë and Varda to Middle Earth to fight against Sauron, and as such, he is a powerful and skillful wizard. Only a few can match him in battle, and one of the counted enemies that could was Saruman.

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He held Gandalf captive and gave him the magical beating of a lifetime. However, Gandalf managed to escape the Orthanc, and when he returned as Gandalf the White he broke Saruman's staff. Of course, he did it in a very stylish fashion and made it blow up with some sort of thunder, although he had enough power to turn it into pasta, Gandalf has never been that into comedy.

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Gandalf would not be himself without his powerful staff. After all, without it, he would not have been able to say one of the most iconic quotes that prove he is the best wizard in The Lord of the Rings "You shall not pass!" and defeated the Balrog.

Most importantly though, Gandalf would not be able to walk properly if it wasn't for the staff that he also uses as a walking stick. It doesn't matter if he is using the wooden one that he lost to Balrog or the white ash wood staff that he acquired later, he and his magic weapon are one.

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It doesn't matter if he is entering the battlefield on his white horse to save riders from the claws of the Nazgûl or arriving with a full army at the first light of the 5th day at Helm's Deep, Gandalf always knows how to make an astonishing entrance to save the day.

As the meme points out, it is almost as if he was waiting for the perfect moment for his white robes, hair, staff, and horse to shine the brightest to introduce himself into battle in the coolest and most fashionable way. And he always achieves a jaw-dropping arrival. No one can deny his entrance at Helm's Deep is one of the best movie scenes that always give viewers chills.

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The battle at Helm's Deep gave fans many of the greatest scenes in The Lord Of The Rings movies, but also one of the many occasions where Gandalf saves everyone from their demise. At that moment, he arrived right on time with reinforcements, just like Spongebob with seahorses, but in plenty of other situations, he also had the final move.

He saved the fellowship from the Balrog, the dwarves from the orcs in Moira, he freed Theoden from Saruman, defended Pippin against orcs, and with his help, he saved Faramir from burning, to name a few. Many owe their lives to the almighty wizard, and he proves time after time he is the ultimate savior of Middle Earth.

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Despite being old and barely capable of walking, Gandalf is one of the most fierce, brave, and skillful warriors. When he is not casting a powerful spell with his staff, he is using it as a shield and to slice enemies with his sword. Countless times he proved to be an unmatchable wizard, but on many others, he also proved to be an unmatchable warrior.

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Although he didn't fake his death, it is funny to think that he would do so to gain more combat experience from the Balrog. He has to learn to fight powerful enemies somehow, and his skill has not been gained by sitting around watching the sunset. Considering Sauron was around the corner, maybe he wanted to be prepared for it and that's why he fought the Balrog on his own.

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As a Maiar, Gandalf possesses a lot of knowledge and wisdom. He knows more than a spell or two, the backstories of most races and creatures, all there is to know about mysticism and lore, and he is the man to go to for wise advice or reflections about life.

Like if that was not enough, he also has a vast knowledge of languages and writing systems, and Elvish languages like Quenya and Sindarin are no exceptions. However, the One Ring's inscriptions are in the Black Speech of Mordor, which he also knows, but there are times when he seems to save his knowledge for when he can best display it, like with Elrond.

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In one of the times when the strength of men failed in The Lord Of The Rings, Théoden fell victim to the poison of his chief adviser Gríma and became ill and corrupted. Luckily for him, Gandalf is a good liar when he needs to and fooled his guards into thinking that his staff was only a walking stick.

Gandalf will do whatever it takes to achieve the greater good, even if that means doing some little mischievousness along the way. He is not constantly lying though, and most of the time he is pretty outspoken about his intentions. However, he must have felt like a big DiCaprio trickster when he got his "walking stick" into the Golden Hall of Meduseld.

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Unfortunately for Gandalf, not everyone in Middle Earth has his brains and he is constantly working on solving and fixing other people's mistakes, failures, or clumsinesses. This is especially true with one of the funniest and most beloved hobbits of the books and movies, Peregrin Took.

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As fans remember, when the fellowship entered the deathly mines of Moira, the group was doing its best to be as sneaky as possible to not alert any orcs, trolls, or enemies. But a certain fool of a Took accidentally knocked over a skeleton into a well and did so much noise they were quickly under attack.

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Gandalf has patience for many things, but stupidity is not one of them. When somebody is not as clever, the powerful wizard becomes quite savage and deserving of snickers, and nobody knows this better than poor Peregrin Took. The clueless hobbit has been worthy of Gandalf's harshest insults concerning his lack of intelligence.

Gandalf has so little tolerance for foolish acts that he once said to Pippin one of his most savage quotes after he knocked the skeleton into a well in Moira "Throw yourself in next time and rid us of your stupidity" which was quite hurtful for something Took did by accident.

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Gandalf once said, "Hobbits really are amazing creatures [...] You can learn all that there is to know about their ways in a month, and yet after a hundred years they can still surprise you at a pinch" which shows how much he admires and appreciates hobbits.

His deep love for the halflings has made him trust them with the harshest of tasks, like keeping the One Ring from Sauron, taking it to Mordor, or being the burglar of twelve dwarves who seek to get their treasures back from Smaug. He always finds a way to smile after sending hobbits to their possible deaths, but if he didn't know their strength and humble souls, he wouldn't do it in the first place.

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