Harry Potter: 10 Of The Best Nicknames Of The Series, According To Ranker

With every addition to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, like the Fantastic Beasts series, fans grow stronger and more appreciative of this magical universe. From the many intricacies that the plot brings to the unique nicknames and personalities that the books and movies bring to life, there is something relatable for every fan to cling to.

Ranker recently set a poll of the most creative and memorable nicknames mentioned in the series, which contains both beloved and despised wizards who left their mark in the narrative and in the hearts of fans. The appearance and qualities of the characters all play into the unique names and personalities that excite and entertain audiences daily.

10 Weatherby

Percy Weasley is constantly overlooked as a devoted scholar and employee in the Ministry of Magic. He has what his brothers would refer to as a "goody-two-shoes" and annoying personality that doesn't always leave the best impression on people.

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Weatherby is the name that Barty Crouch Sr. called Percy on many occasions, as he didn't know his actual name. Fred and George then continued it as a nickname for Percy. Despite his exhaustive efforts, Percy remained another red-headed boy who spent his days trying to escape his older brothers' shadows.

9 Snuffles

One annoying thing about the Harry Potter books to movies was the lack of detail that was incorporated in the films. In the books, Sirius has the most adorable nickname of Snuffles for when he was in his Animagus form. This captures the sweetness of his relationship with the infant Harry.

Sirius mentions to Harry that he had a very sweet disposition as a dog and that he would have been happy to change permanently if it wasn't for the fleas. Snuffles is the farthest assumption one would have about Sirius from his first impression in the series, but the more he's there to comfort and love Harry, the more the canine nickname fits.

8 Cissy

Narcissa Malfoy comes from a long line of purebloods who value order and power. Her character development through the series is significant as she takes a lead role in caring for Lucius and Malfoy. Her allegiance to the Dark Lord is questionable to fans, and opinion of her definitely heightened when she began fighting for her family and not Voldemort.

Narcissa is mainly called "Cissy" by her sister, Bellatrix. Although spelled with a "C", fans agree that the nickname still fits Narcissa and the Malfoy family well. If anything, it showed that the Black sisters were tight-knit all the way to the end.

7 Prongs

James Potter earned the nickname Prongs after his Patronus that he shared with Harry and his Animagus form, which was a stag. James and his best friends who made up the Marauders became the closest and one of the most beloved friend groups of the series, as they fumbled through their youth.

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Despite James's inability to be there while Harry grew up, his influence and the love that he had for his son were communicated through his surviving friends. Luckily, Harry continued to choose good over evil and made Prongs and the rest of the loyal Marauders proud.

6 The Boy Who Lived

As the series revolved around him, Harry Potter is seen as one of the best characters. Consequently, he also has the best nicknames that are ironically a little longer than his given name. The Boy Who Lived is a legendary nickname that Harry would be known as for many generations.

Even though he had little choice in the matter, Harry grew up to fulfill a prophecy made before he was even born. When Harry first heard his nickname and the story behind it, he was just as shocked as the viewers. The Boy Who Lived remained an iconic survivor throughout the entire series.

5 Twitchy Little Ferret

Unfortunately for Malfoy, he is remembered as "Twitchy Little Ferret" and also one of the least competent villains in Harry Potter. Much to his dismay, he earned this nickname when he was turned into a ferret at the hands of the man assumed to be Mad-Eye Moody.

The nickname fit his appearance at the time, but also his rodent-like qualities. Draco was a natural nemesis for Harry, as he stood for everything Harry fought against. He remained a pesky and relentless foe to Harry the entire time they were at school.

4 Marauders

Maraud is a Middle French word that means "rascal" and the self-appointed nickname of James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter was spot on when it came to their antics at school. The rag-tag group of boys was memorably tight-knit and left lasting impressions on teachers and peers.

Regardless of where their loyalties lay when they grew up, the boys relied on each other for entertainment and comradery when they were in school. For boys like Sirius and Remus, who felt misunderstood and alone at times, the Marauders were a necessity for navigating life.

3 The Half-Blood Prince

This is a fairly extravagant nickname for a boy who grew up shrouded with hatred and insecurity. Regardless, Severus Snape was revealed to be one of the most complex characters in the entire series and won the hearts of many fans with his sarcastic manner and tragic past.

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Harry discovered Snape's alter ego in the sixth book when he began to use the professor's personal spellbook by coincidence. This was the first of many surprising attributes of Snape's character that became evident at the close of the series. He is now remembered as a genius and true hero.

2 Padfoot

Many life lessons are learned in the Harry Potter series. A meaningful and impactful lesson was evident in the aftermath of when James and Lily trusted the wrong person with their secret location. James and Lily were killed and Sirius lost his best friends and 12 years of his life when he was framed.

The only reason that Sirius escaped Azkaban and was able to live on the run was because of his Animagus. The nickname Padfoot came from his Marauder days and continued to be a life-saving quality he often turned to. Sirius's Animagus gave Lupin comfort in knowing he wasn't alone, and also the ability to protect Harry when he needed to.

1 Moony

Remus Lupin had to bear the burden of being a werewolf ever since he was bitten at the age of four. It was a miracle that he found himself surrounded by a group of friends who were willing to endanger themselves to keep him company.

The full moon is Remus's biggest fear, as it brings out the worst in himself. Ironically, the Marauders gave him the nickname "Moony" to bring a lighter outlook and loving association to the moon. Lupin remained a loyal best friend and mentor to Harry to the very end.

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