Game Of Thrones: 9 Best Jon Snow Sequel Memes Found On Reddit

On June 16, 2022, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that HBO has entered into the early development phase of its first potential Game of Thrones spinoff series centered on the heroic, Jon Snow. THR further noted that actor Kit Harington is attached to reprise his role as Snow in the said live-action project.

Whilst many disgruntled GoT fans took this news in their stride, hoping for the writers to salvage the reputation of the original, others were quick to express their reservations all over the internet. In both cases, the Jon Snow sequel news set off varied reactions and spawned hilarious and entertaining memes all across online discussion platforms. A case in point is Reddit.

HBO's Game of Thrones is roughly based on George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire book series. Prior to the show's premiere in April 2011, Martin had published four of his planned seven books. The fifth in the series, A Dance with Dragons came out in July 2011 - three months after GoT debuted on HBO. Whilst Martin had hoped to finish two of the remaining books i.e. The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring before Game of Thrones finished its run, the show makers caught up with his literary material and outpaced him.

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This meme from Redditor Jche98 accurately summarizes the feelings of A Song of Ice and Fire fans who have been waiting for Martin to release the sixth and penultimate book for over a decade now. To the OG fandom, The Winds of Winter novel is far more significant than HBO's Jon Snow spinoff series.

Though Game of Thrones season 8 is a failure in some ways, it's also a success in many others. The last two truncated seasons, confusing plotlines, and reverse character developments marred the show's legacy. That being said, hilarious memes, such as the one above, are the flip side of GoT's botched character endings.

This meme from Redditor Celtic505 contrasts the sequel news with Jon Snow's infamous catch-cry - "I don't want it." As political chaos deepened in Westeros, Snow vehemently repeated he didn't want to claim the Iron Throne, much to the chagrin of fans. While the sequel news has set tongues wagging, and polarized the fan base per, it has also led to the hilarious meme above.

Redditors want to change many things about Game of Thrones' final season in order to give it a more satisfying conclusion. Meanwhile, Reddtir user yo_gobl1n wouldn't mind if the sequel picks up right where Jon Snow was resurrected by Melisandre in "Home."

This meme is a perfect representation of how wildly disappointing the series' end really was. The show writers laid waste to his character, and viewers want a heroic ending for Jon Snow, still.

The news that HBO's sequel series is currently in early development, has shone a light on the original. The final season of Game of Thrones was an unpleasant ride, and it left the fanbase in torment.

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Using Sir Jonathan Pryce's still from The Two Popes, and contrasting it with his Game of Thrones character - The High Sparrow, Redditor mrtvamacka's meme perfectly conveys GoT fans' anguish. The meme makes it fairly obvious that viewers willing to invest time and energy in the Jon Snow sequel will have to make a huge leap of faith this time around.

George R.R. Martin's readers are still waiting for him to complete the ASOIAF book series. His heavy involvement in multiple GoT spin-offs, per CBR, inevitably means readers have no choice but to suffer a prolonged period of waiting.

This meme from Redditor joyofsnacks speaks to fans' longing for The Winds of Winter. The book series deserves a satisfying conclusion, sooner rather than later. Here's hoping Martin produces the results that the ASOIAF fandom has long hoped for.

Jon's character arc progressed when he decided to take the Black and learned to live as a Sworn Brother of the Night's Watch. He gave up world problems to focus on the fight against the dead to protect the living. One of the big Jon episodes from Game of Thrones ("The Old Gods & The New") features his beyond-the-wall Ranger expedition and his first meeting with Rose Leslie's Ygritte. She'd often taunt him, saying, "You know nothing, Jon Snow."

While Harington and Leslie played star-crossed lovers on GoT, they share an off-screen romance as husband and wife. Using the memorable catchphrase, this hilarious meme from Reddit user _Sophacouch_ takes a jibe at Harington's decision to return to the franchise. It perfectly sums up the disappointment GoT's bungled last two seasons caused.

In a heart-to-heart interview with The Telegraph, Kit Harington opened up about not wanting to play heroic male characters like Jon Snow going forward. His words draw a sharp contrast with the piece of news that he himself approached HBO with the idea for the Jon Snow spin-off show.

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Using Jon's infamous season 8 catch-cry - "I don't want it," this meme from Redditor TheElectricPineapple reflects on Harington overcoming his past hesitation. The joke is derived from a combination of Snow's infamous catch-cry and Harington's September 2020 interview. Regardless, here's hoping Harington's team is able to give Jon Snow the ending he deserves.

The meme from Redditor themightychubbs' uses King Robert Baratheon's (fondly known as Bobby B) words to describe fans' disillusionment resulting from the spinoff news.

Whilst the Jon Snow Game of Thrones spinoff news has set off a wide range of reactions on Reddit, this meme conveys the nearly universal fan sentiment. That said, it's too early to judge what the spinoff will spawn, especially considering the fact that HBO's response doesn't give much away either.  The live-action spinoff series could very well do wonders for the franchise and breathe fresh life into it.

Even though a section of fans is apprehensive about the sequel idea, many believe that the live-action spinoff series is an exciting development.

This meme from Redditor Tesgoul speaks to Game of Thrones fans who have great faith in Harington's ideas. They are more open-minded about the news because Harington himself has roped in a team of fresh writers, and GRRM is attached to the project. To such a section of fans, Harington is no different from his heroic character who was proclaimed the King in the North by various Norther lords at season 6's end.

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