Fuller House Secretly Debunked Darkest Theory About Michelle

The darkest theory about Michelle was actually subtly debunked in Fuller House. Famously played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in Full House, the youngest Tanner daughter was the only core cast member from the original show who didn't return for the spin-off. This resulted in countless theories as to what she has been up to that she couldn't spend time with her family in San Francisco.

For five years, Fuller House never physically featured Michelle. She was referenced several times, primarily by her sisters, however. Netflix also incorporated some meta-commentary about the cast's plea to the Olsen twins about joining them in the Full House off-shoot. Arguably, the most notable allusion to the character, however, came from an ominous comment from Danny Tanner (Bob Saget) in the Fuller House final season floated the idea that Michelle may have somehow already died. 

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This remains to be one of the biggest mysteries left by the Full House spin-off as it didn't give any clarification regarding this. That being said, it actually provided a subtle detail debunking the idea that Michelle was already dead in Fuller House. In the series' Christmas 2018 episode, the Tanner extended family wasn't complete over at their iconic San Francisco home. As DJ (Candace Cameron-Bure) revealed that Danny, Jesse (John Stamos), and Becky (Lori Loughlin) were in New York to spend the holiday with Michelle. This means that the youngest Tanner daughter is still around, she just didn't really have the chance to come home and spend time with her sisters. 

Initially, there was some confusion about the Olsens being in the Netflix spin-off. Stamos, who also produced the series, even got into a small public argument about Ashley and Mary-Kate's involvement. Principal photography for the show began and their appearance remained up in the air, with some still holding out hope that the actors-turned-designers change their mind. When it became clear that the twins weren't showing up, Fuller House provided an explanation for Michelle's absence. Apparently, she is in New York running her fashion empire, and for some reason, she is unable to come home in half a decade — even when both of her sisters are going to get married at the same time. 

The process of bringing back the Olsen twins for the Netflix show was a complicated one. Leading up to Fuller House's release, there were contradicting reports about whether or not they would be involved in the project. Those involved in the series have said that they reached out to them multiple times. Mary-Kate was supposedly willing to be in Fuller House but things just never progressed from there. Ultimately, the twins chose not to revisit their acting careers after long retiring from it, especially since they worked hard to maintain their private lives over the last several years. 

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