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It has been a few months since it arrived but Gran Turismo is still being played by longtime fans of the franchise today. That lines up with the history of the series as it is widely considered the greatest and most realistic racing game in history.

While games like Mario Kart are certainly a ton of fun and have their place in the genre, Gran Turismo feels like it's for the most serious of racing fans. The ratings on Metacritic line up with the idea that it's the best, as the mainline games all received high scores from reviewers

8 Gran Turismo Sport (2017) - 75

The only main game in the series to not follow the chronological number order is Gran Turismo Sport. It also holds the distinction of being the only entry in the franchise to be released exclusively on the PlayStation 4. One thing that might've caused its lower rating is how there were fewer options for gamers.

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For example, there were a little over 300 cars available and less than 100 tracks, which were both down from the previous installment. In fact, the game before it had over 1,000 cars, making it a huge dip that disappointed fans. Although the single-player mode was strong, this game put the focus on online gameplay, which was welcome.

7 Gran Turismo 6 (2013) - 81

No game in the franchise had more cars or tracks available than Gran Turismo 6. There were more than 1,200 cars to use and 100 tracks to ride on but despite all of that, it still had the lowest sales numbers for the main series.

A big win for Gran Turismo was that it became the first game to be certified by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), which helped make everything feel even more realistic and official. While there was a lot to like, some took issue with the bugs the game had at launch and the lack of improvements for certain modes.

6 Gran Turismo 5 (2010) - 84

Gran Turismo 5 marked the first time in series history that gamers could choose from over 1,000 vehicles, which was a huge step up from the past. This game was so big that a Prlogoue was released a few years prior and even that scored impressively on Metacritic (80).

Licenses were a big part of this game as it introduced NASCAR, Super GT, and World Rally Championship into the mix, making your accomplishments feel like an even bigger deal. As the first entry released on PlayStation 3, it was highly anticipated and made phenomenal use of the graphics engine. It even went on to become one of the highest-selling games in PS3 history.

5 Gran Turismo 7 (2022) - 87

The newest game in the franchise is Gran Turismo 7 and fans waited nearly five years for it and nearly a decade since the last entry with a number attached to it. The reviews have shown that the game lived up to the hype and delivered the things that longtime fans have come to expect from the acclaimed series.

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Alas, things were not without controversy for this game. Players were upset at the use of microtransactions to the point where they review bombed it on Metacritic upon release. Things have evened out since then and though those aspects are still not appreciated, the gameplay, graphics, and level of difficulty were met with a stronger response.

4 Gran Turismo 4 (2004) - 89

As is the case with most long-running gaming franchises, the earlier installments were released at a more frequent clip. Gran Turismo 4 came just three years after the previous game and was a huge hit, made even more impressive by the fact that it was released for the PlayStation, the top-selling console ever.

With more than 700 cars and 50 tracks, there was a ton for players to do. The game again received widespread acclaim for how real it was, with it even getting a test on Top Gear to see how realistic it was compared to actual racing. There were some criticisms lobbied at how cars took damage in the game and the way some cars handled.

3 Gran Turismo 2 (1999) - 93

After the massive success of the first installment, there was a lot of pressure on Sony to deliver something special with the sequel. Thankfully, they nailed it as Gran Turismo 2 is widely seen as one of the most well-received follow-ups in video game history, building on what worked so well the first time around.

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Compared to later entries, there aren't nearly as many cars, tracks, options, and modes but it was a massive success for other reasons. It won a slew of awards and is considered one of the best racing games in history. The only negative seen by some is that it was a bit rushed to production, leading to some small unpolished aspects.

2 Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec (2001) - 95

Considering how massive the first two entries were, there was even more pressure for the third game but Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec blew expectations out of the water. The graphics were almost unheard of for its time as this marked the franchise's debut on the PlayStation 2 and it was a critical darling.

Although the number of cars was significantly lower, almost everything else about the game more than made up for it. The soundtrack was strong, the gameplay was smooth, and for the first time, the game included Formula One cars. Throw in the car rewards for getting closer to 100% of the game completed and this was a clear winner. Even similar racing games can't really touch it.

1 Gran Turismo (1997) - 96

Sometimes it's hard to top the original. Gran Turismo was a revelation when it arrived in 1997, changing the face of the racing genre forever. At that time, games like Need for Speed were at the forefront and though those were iconic and great games, they were totally different from Gran Turismo.

It was more realistic in terms of the gameplay but also for implementing concepts like having to earn your driver's license before qualifying for certain events. The game also included some of the best A.I. in the genre and groundbreaking functions like how it utilized the DualShock controller. It is often cited as the best racing game ever made.

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