Deadpool's Assassin Daughter Returns to Marvel in X-Men 2099

After several years of not appearing in Marvel Comics the daughter of the infamous assassin Deadpool, Warda Wilson, is returning in the pages of Spider-Man 2099 as a part of the new X-Men 2099. Warda, or Deadpool 2099, was a major part of the final run of Gerry Duggan's Despicable Deadpool, and has not been seen since the end of that series, making her return incredibly exciting for fans.

Warda Wilson is the half-succubus daughter of Wade Wilson and Shiklah, Queen of the Underworld and one-time lover and wife of Deadpool. In the 616 universe, their relationship ended in divorce, with Shiklah marrying Dracula and Deadpool going on to become the King of the Monsters, but in the Earth-16356 universe of 2099, Deadpool and Shiklah had a daughter, Warda, who grew up to be an even more ruthless assassin than her father.

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Deadpool 2099 is set to appear in Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #5 - written by Steve Orlando with art by Kim Jacinto, Jay David Ramos, and VC's Clayton Cowles - a 30th anniversary mini-series celebrating the beloved world of Marvel 2099 and in particular Miguel O’Hara, or Spider-Man 2099. Each issue of Spider-Man 2099: Exodus has introduced a newly revamped 2099 version of a classic Marvel character or team, like Winter Solider 2099 or the confusingly named Loki 2099, and issue #5 will introduce the X-Men of 2099. A group shot of the X-Men 2099 reveals that Warda Wilson is officially on the team of future X-Men along with updated versions of Cyclops, Rogue, Phoenix, Northstar, and others. The gorgeous preview art for Spider-Man 2099: Exodus reveals that Warda's epic futuristic Deadpool outfit has changed little, if at all, since her last appearance in 2018, and hopefully the X-Men of 2099 will be a lot more accepting of having a Deadpool on their team than the X-Men of 2022 are.

The last readers saw of Warda was she had been keeping her father captive and tortured for years, furious with him for what she thought he had done to her mother Shiklah, until Wade's adopted daughter Ellie Camacho turned up, leading to a confrontation between Ellie, Wade, and Warda. It was revealed that Ellie is actually a mutant herself, after Warda brutally killed her and Ellie regenerated not just back to life, but reverted back to her younger self when she first manifested her mutant ability, meaning that there is a chance Ellie will show up in Spider-Man 2099: Exodus herself. By the end of Warda's time in Despicable Deadpool, she had been defeated and Wade had uploaded the digital consciousness of Ellie's mother Emily Preston to help Warda control her evil succubus side, with Wade declaring that both his daughters could be Deadpool. Deadpool has been trying to join the X-Men for literal decades, often getting incredibly close or joining splinter teams, so it is actually really nice to see Warda seemingly a part of the X-Men 2099 team, as an official member of the X-Men.

The mutants of 2099 will be fighting to establish a mutant paradise on the newly created Celestial Garden, a Garden of Eden-like habitat formed from a following Celestial, and hopefully Deadpool 2099's fast healing factor, impressive weaponry skills, and sarcastic humor will help the X-Men find safety in the future world of Spider-Man 2099 while up against the vicious Cabal Sentinels.

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Look for Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #5 when it releases on August 3rd!

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