David & Kristen's Cut Love Scene Revealed In Evil Season 3 Deleted Clip

David and Kristen’s cut love scene is revealed in a deleted clip from Evil season 3. Season 2 of Paramount+’s cult favorite supernatural show Evil finally gave fans the David-and-Kristen romantic moment they had long been hoping for. But season 3 quickly pulled the rug out from those same fans as episode 1 revealed the love-making only happened in David’s head.

Any possibility of a David (Mike Colter) and Kristen (Katja Herbers) romance is of course complicated by the fact that he is now an ordained priest and therefore sworn to celibacy (not to mention the fact that Kristen is married, and just confessed to David that she murdered a man). But those inescapable realities obviously won’t stop David from still having feelings for his partner-in-paranormal-investigation, and vice versa. Indeed David’s on-going forbidden attraction to Kristen was made very plain in that aforementioned Evil season 3 kick-off episode, which featured some of the hottest hallucinated David-and-Kristen action yet depicted by the show.

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Now it turns out there was supposed to be an even steamier love scene between David and Kristen later in season 3. As revealed to TVLine by Evil co-creators Robert and Michelle King, episode 3 originally included another moment with the characters together in bed, but the scene was ultimately cut for time. Now the deleted scene has been shared, and fans definitely get an eyeful of David actor Colter before things take a turn and he makes his too-real fantasy Kristen literally disappear using the power of Catholicism. See the (NSFW) clip in the space below via Paramount Plus:

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As the Kings explained to TVLine, the deleted scene was supposed to cap off Evil season 3, episode 3 “The Demon of Sex” (the big showcase episode for Andrea Martin's sister Andrea). They said:

“It would be the new conclusion to the episode. It has some excellent work by Mike [Colter] and Katja [Herbers]. It seems almost a crime to leave this on the cutting room floor. So we hope you enjoy it, and Mike and Katja can forgive us.”

In addition to being a well-acted scene by stars Colter and Herbers, the above moment also does a good job depicting David’s conflicted feelings about his demonically-engendered Kristen fantasies. Clearly David is enjoying himself at the beginning, but things take a turn after the demonic Kristen hands him a canned margarita, the real Kristen’s favorite beverage. This moment is just a little too authentic to the true Kristen for David, who is suddenly disturbed by his own actions and begins to question himself. David then resists the temptation represented by the demonic Kristen, and recites a Hail Mary that makes her attack him and writhe wildly on the bed before finally vanishing.

But of course the scene can’t end without one more little devious twist: David has rid himself of the demonic vision of Kristen, but he’s not triumphant over vanquishing his desires, he’s regretful in the knowledge that he has to give up any chance of being with the real Kristen. Indeed this scene would have fit perfectly in an episode entitled “The Demon of Sex,” and it certainly reinforces the idea that David continues to battle his own yearnings as he tries to stick to the righteous path. Now fans can finally witness this steamy and character-building deleted Evil moment for themselves.

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Source: Paramount Plus/YouTube (via TVLine)

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