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Warning: contains spoilers for Darth Vader #25!

In Star Wars lore, Darth Vader has a particular aversion to sand - and far from being an internet meme, this dislike is actually official. Despite the box office success of Attack of the Clones, the film was not well-received, perhaps owing to the dialogue that include lines such as "I don't like sand." Over the years, the line has garnered an ironic appreciation of sorts - and in Darth Vader #25, the Dark Lord of the Sith finally gets revenge on his greatest enemy.

Now in its third year, the rebooted Darth Vader comic has seen the former Anakin Skywalker reunite with mysterious figures from his past. Tracking down what appeared to be Padme Amidala, Vader instead came across Sabe, one of Padme's handmaidens. Leading Vader, Sabe even unwittingly reunited him with Kitster, his old friend from The Phantom Menace - although he never recognized Vader's true identity behind the armor.

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In Darth Vader #25, written by Greg Pak with art by Raffaele Ienco, Vader and his crew search for an Imperial governor who has ran afoul of the Emperor Palpatine and Vader himself. Kitster, Sabe and the others run, while Vader gives pursuit in his shuttle - but the ship is blocked by a massive vortex, kicking up the sand below. Even the experienced Imperial officers are stunned when, despite their warnings, Vader orders the shuttle to descend, and uses the Force to ensure their safety. Safely able to pass, Vader assures the crew that "This sand will not stop us...keep going."

Anakin's cry of "I don't like sand" in the movies have evidently made their way to the comics, but this is not necessarily a positive development. Neither the comics nor the online memes remember that the line has a tragic origin; Anakin truly hates his sand-filled home and everything about it. Despite the rather humorous simplicity of the line, he is saying he wants nothing more than to leave his birth planet and go anywhere without sand; the fact that he says this line on Naboo, a water planet, means he considers his current location a paradise (especially when compared to Tatooine).

In the end, the issue concludes with a tease that fans have waited for for years: Darth Vader might return to podracing. The vehicle in question is Kitster's old racer, which looks more like a swoop bike than a pod; however, the pod's engines bears a strong resemblance to Ody Mandrell's personal racer. Star Wars fans have a lot to look forward to in future issues of the comic, but Darth Vader's elaboration of exactly why he despises sand will most likely not be one of them.

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