Big Brother 24: Week 4 Head Of Household Results (Spoilers)

The Big Brother 24 week 4 Head of Household (HOH) competition began at the end of Thursday night's live episode, and the winner has been revealed on the live feeds. Thursday's episode was very exciting as HOH Matt "Turner" Turner turned the house upside down. After Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes won the Power of Veto and saved themselves from the Chopping Block, Turner did not nominate Taylor Hale and Nicole Layog as expected, in order to backdoor Taylor. Instead, he teamed up with some people and embraced Taylor, creating the seven-person Leftovers alliance, consisting of Joseph Abdin, Kyle Capener, Monte Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Turner, and Taylor. They put a plan in motion to backdoor Ameerah Jones. They saw her as the biggest threat on the other side of the house.

Up until the live eviction, everyone but the Leftovers thought that Ameerah's Festie Bestie partner, Terrance Higgins, would be evicted. Nicole even told him her secret that she was a cop for 10 years because she thought that he would be leaving. When Ameerah was evicted by a 7-4 vote, with only Alyssa Snider, Indy Santos, Jasmine Davis, and Nicole voting to keep her (Daniel Durston voted her out thinking that he was giving Terrance a sympathy vote), she was shocked, along with those who were in the dark about the backdoor plan. As the remaining Big Brother Festie Bestie, Terrance had the chance to choose a pair to join, so he is now part of a trio with Monte and Joseph.

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Thursday night's episode ended with the beginning of the HOH competition, and the results will not air until Sunday, but the live feeds revealed that Monte is the new HOH. The competition was played in two rounds. Part of the first round was aired on television. In a tribute to the upcoming movie The Invitation, the houseguests had to quickly open envelopes that dropped from the sky in order to find a red invitation. Host Julie Chen Moonves said that there were 1,500 invitations. The first eight houseguests to find the invitations would move on to the second round of the competition. Jasmine was the first one to find her invitation, followed by Terrance and Brittany. The live episode ended at that point, and fans had to watch the Big Brother live feeds in order to find out the end result of the HOH competition.

When the Big Brother live feeds returned, Monte had won the competition, but it was unclear which eight players had the opportunity to compete. Because Joseph and Terrance are Monte's Festie Besties, they are safe for the week. Turner and Jasmine are the Have Nots. Monte will have some big decisions to make about who to nominate. He has already expressed that he does not want to nominate Michael and Brittany, both of whom are in his Leftovers alliance. He also told Jasmine that he would not nominate her because of her sprained ankle and because she told him the truth about many things. Keeping Jasmine safe would also keep Turner off of the Chopping Block. Monte then has a choice of nominating a duo with one person in the Leftovers and one not (Taylor and Nicole or Kyle and Daniel) or two people who are not in the alliance (Alyssa and Indy). He had been thinking about nominating Taylor and Nicole with the goal of getting Nicole out of the house and freeing Taylor from being her Festie Bestie. However, Taylor understandably was worried about this plan after being a target for so many weeks.

As Monte takes control of the Big Brother house, the Leftovers are sure to continue their domination of the game as long as they stick together. They have the numbers to evict whomever they want, especially if they nominate two people outside of their alliance. Turner's HOH flipped the house in a refreshing way that brought relief to viewers who were tired of watching houseguests bully their way to the top. However, no one should ever get too comfortable in the Big Brother house because everyone should "expect the unexpected."

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