Big Brother 24: 10 Best Quotes From The Season Premiere

For many, the summer has officially started with the season 24 premiere of Big BrotherSixteen new houseguests have finally moved into the Big Brother house for the summer, where three months of conspiring and deception will take place.

With the new houseguests all being rookies to the game, the first episode was mainly used to introduce fans to the newest contestants and award the first head of household. While there is little drama early on, the new eccentric cast had plenty to say, and some game changing twists also were unveiled. What were the cast's most standout lines in the debut episode?

Kyle's feelings towards showmances are probably the most calculated and wise opinions a new houseguest should have. They oftentimes led to people's games ending prematurely, as the target it puts on each members back is far too large. The fun part to watch will be if Kyle actually goes through with his plans of not having one.

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Plenty of houseguests in the past have sworn off showmances, only to end up in one that blew up their whole game. Seeing if Kyle will be able to control himself and his emotions enough to focus fully on winning will be a fun battle to spectate.

Entering the Big Brother house is a dream come true for so many, and Kyle's reaction to entering the house is exactly how so many viewers would probably react as well. He had the excitement of a kid waking up on Christmas, which was probably also the reaction fans had when the new season started.

His shoutout to Julie was a nice addition as well. She truly is the face of Big Brother in the United States, and considering the next time houseguests will be that close to her is when their game ends, Kyle probably hopes he won't get to say it to her again for a while.

Right before cutting to a commercial break, Julie decided to drop a bombshell revelation on all those watching. While it was known and expected that the season's first head of household would be crowned, a secret second power being up for grabs was a game changing surprise.

Julie purposefully keeping her description of the new power vague added to the shock. A power that the new houseguests don't even know about with the capability to change the season from day one being announced in the first ten minutes of the season was definitely a moment to remember, and proof of the show's slogan to expect the unexpected.

With so many houseguests in recent seasons seemingly being there more for the fame and exposure, seeing Michael make such an insightful quote like that was definitely a highpoint of the premiere. As a self described superfan of the show, he really did his research and planning before entering the house.

Michael already has shown he's serious about taking home the grand prize. While he may have hurt his odds a bit by not winning the initial HoH, he is doing everything in his power to try and earn his place as one of the best Big Brother contestants of all time.

Also a self identified superfan of the show, Daniel had to take a moment to reflect on exactly where he was and the history of where he was sitting. Doing his first ever diary room session, Daniel shared his moment of awe when he realized he was in the same seat as so many past legends of the game.

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With over twenty seasons already, the U.S. version of Big Brother has seen many reality icons walk through its doors. Daniel is certainly hoping to join this club, but for just one moment, being a fan and appreciating his place in history was a sweet moment.

As a beauty pageant champion, houseguest Taylor Hale was forced to be a role model and idealized version of herself in order to take home the pageant crown as a champion. In the Big Brother house, she plans to let a previously hidden side of her out.

Not only will it be acceptable if Taylor does some backstabbing and plotting, but it will be encouraged. A lot of fans like cutthroat strategy and gameplay, and it is oftentimes necessary in order to outlast the competition. If Taylor ever plans on letting her more conniving side out, the Big Brother house is the absolute best place to do it.

As one of the oldest Big Brother houseguests ever, the odds may be unfairly stacked against Terrance. The majority of casts each season are younger and tend to not gel as well with older houseguests, which leads to them being targeted early. Terrance isn't letting this deter him, as he has big plans for the season.

As a bus driver outside of the house, the commonly used Big Brother phrase of throwing someone under the bus as a euphemism for betrayal is perfect for him. Being a step ahead of his adversaries may be the only way for him to win the game, so hopefully he can carry through on his big claim.

The big power teased earlier in the episode was ultimately won by Joe Pucciarelli, also known as Pooch. While the upside of his power was that he was guaranteed safety for a week, there was also a negative. He was forced to choose three houseguests who would be unable to compete in any competitions this week.

He won the power by chance and had only a few minutes to decide who to pick, leading to his shock as Julie told him he had to decide right now. His rationale behind picking the three houseguests he chose (the first three eliminated houseguests) was good for such a hasty decision, so he probably avoided any major controversy, but a game-ending mistake occurring in week one is usually rare regardless.

One of the funnier aspects of a houseguest's personality that fans learned from the first episode was Paloma's love for mayonnaise. She made it known each chance she got, specifically mentioning her affection for the condiment on two separate occasions.

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The first was just with her mother before she moved into the Big Brother house, while the second actually was in front of all of her housemates. When given the chance to give a fun fact about herself, the fact that she chose to mention loving mayonnaise of all foods is an incredible first impression to give, and one that people definitely will not forget.

Being able to influence the game is one of the most fascinating and unique quirks about Big Brother, and season 24 will not waste any time getting to it. As part of her final announcement of the episode, Julie disclosed another early twist.

Between Brittany, Alyssa, and Paloma, America will get to vote to grant one safety for the week. With such a short amount of time given to them to show off their personalities to America, live feeders will have to watch the feeds closely once they open up in order to decide who will get their vote for this powerful week one advantage.

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