Batman's Son Is Getting the Ultimate Revenge on Darkseid

As Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths continues, Batman's son Damian Wayne is finally getting even with Darkseid. As part of DC's announcements at San Diego Comic-Con, the publisher has revealed Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1, a one-shot that will give Damian the perfect opportunity for revenge against Apokolips' despot.

Relatively early in Damian's career as Robin, the boy fell in battle fighting alongside his father against Leviathan, a terrorist cell spearheaded by Damian's mother Talia. But that wouldn't be the end for Damian as Ra's al Ghul tried to bring his grandson back using an Apokoliptian artifact. This caught the attention of Apokolips' ruler Darkseid who had his forces steal Damian's body due to his exposure to the enigmatic Chaos Shard. Darkseid attempted to use Damian's body to power a cannon that could destroy entire planets, but thankfully, Batman and his allies were able to rescue the fallen Robin's body and put a stop to those plans.

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While the attempt to use Damian as a tool for universal conquest failed, it's something the hero never made Darkseid pay for. That might change now that Darkseid has found himself conscripted into the Great Darkness' malignant forces. As the heroes fight back in DC’s Dark Crisis event, the scrappiest member of the Bat-Family is going on a mission with Doctor Light and Red Canary to seize control of the Dark Army from the Great Darkness' emissary, Pariah. Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1 will feature the ragtag team going into enemy-controlled territory to see their plan though, only to discover a secret about Doctor Light's past in Crisis on Infinite Earths. The one-shot comes from the creative team of Dennis Culver and Delilah S. Dawson and features a standard cover by Gleb Melnikov and variants from Werther Dell’Edera and Taj Tenfold.

The heroes need a win against the Great Darkness and gaining control of the Dark Army would be crucial to turning the tide. The army is composed of some of the most powerful threats in the DCU such as Doomsday, Nekron, and Darkseid. Damian being an integral part of this mission might not seem personal, but it serves as a great irony considering the young Wayne's past with the New God.

Darkseid never had a personal interest in Damian, as the boy was just a means for the Apokoliptian to power a weapon of war. But that doesn’t make it any less unsettling that Darkseid took advantage of Damian Wayne's death in the name of conquest. Now, Darkseid is the one finding himself powerless as a cosmic entity uses him as a weapon. Damian's bid to take control of the Dark Army may put him in the same boots as Darkseid, but at least the young hero is trying to help save the universe instead of end it. While Darkseid has become a pawn in the current Crisis, Damian Wayne, the scion of Batman, has a chance to get even and save the day at the same time.

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Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1 is available November 22, 2022.

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