All The Claim To Fame Contestants' Clues We've Gathered So Far

In the new reality competition series, Claim to Fame, hosted by Frankie Jonas and Kevin Jonas, 12 lesser-known celebrity relatives move into a house and compete to keep their identities a secret from each other, but there are many clues about who they might be. In order to win the $100,000 cash prize, the contestants will compete in challenges, form alliances, and play DNA detective. In the season premiere, the contestants played a game of Two Truths and a Lie, in which they presented three statements about themselves, only two of which were true. Only the viewing audience knows which of the statements are true or false. Not even Claim to Fame hosts, Kevin and Frankie, know the celebrities' true identities.

In addition to those hints, there are clues hidden everywhere in the Claim to Fame house, which was owned by music singer and songwriter Katy Perry. There is a Clue Wall, which contains pictures and 3D images of objects having to do with each celebrity relative. The houseguests are fully sequestered, with no TV, Internet access, or any connection to the outside world. However, they are allowed to record clues and thoughts in their notebooks. The premiere featured a surprise talent show with a live audience whose reactions determined who gained immunity for the week and who could be sent home. For the eliminations, there is a Guess-Off at the end of each episode, where the players vote between the bottom two finishers in the challenge. The person with the most Claim to Fame votes becomes the Guesser, who then must try to correctly predict one of the other competitors' identities, not including the immune player. If the Guesser is correct, they will be safe, and the contestant whose identity is revealed will go home. However, if the Guesser is wrong, they are eliminated from the competition.

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On the series premiere of Claim to Fame, the identities of three contestants were revealed. Only the audience found out that Amara is the granddaughter of actress and TV personality Whoopi Goldberg. Louise, whose real name is Adria, is the sister of Olympic gymnast Simone Biles. However, several contestants already figured out who Louise was since she has such a strong resemblance to Simone. During the elimination round, Pepper was about to try to guess the identity of Maxwell, who she thought was director Steven Spielberg's grandson, based on the clues that she and some of the other contestants had analyzed. However, in a shocking last-minute twist, Maxwell was disqualified from Claim to Fame for cheating because he brought a cell phone into the house, which he presumably used to help him figure out the identities of his housemates. His disqualification worked well for Pepper as Maxwell turned out to be the grandson of martial artist and actor Chuck Norris. Here are all of the other clues about the remaining Claim to Fame contestants.

Brittany's celebrity relative is her dad, who is best known for being an athlete. He is a Super Bowl champion and Hall of Fame quarterback. Brittany revealed that, unlike her father, she is not an athlete, but she did inherit his competitive nature.

Dominique lied during the Two Truths and a Lie game on Claim to Fame. She said that her celebrity relative is her father, who is best known for being an actor. There have been no other clues given about Dominique so far.

There were not many clues about Kai in the first Claim to Fame episode. So far, it seems that she is related to a famous singer. However, Kai did reveal that the most prestigious award that her female relative has won is a Grammy.

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Although L.C. had a lot of screen time in the first episode, not much was revealed about her mystery celebrity relative. She admitted that L.C. is not her real name, and she is creating this character specifically for this competition. She is related to an Emmy-Award-winning actor.

Lark's celebrity relative is her aunt. Since Brittany won the Claim to Fame talent show challenge, she chose to get a clue about Lark's celebrity relative, which was a puzzle that translated to "Runway Queen in the '80s." Brittany could not decipher the clue, but the audience was given the answer.

Logan is the cousin of a very well-known country music star whose biggest award is an Academy of Country Music Award. He also shared that he is from Georgia, but not with his fellow contestants. During the talent show, Logan sang and shared with the viewing audience that he performs and writes country music.

There were not many clues about Michael in the first episode of Claim to Fame. The contestant said that the biggest award that his female relative has won is an Emmy. He also shared that she is an actor, singer, and dancer.

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Although Pepper was featured heavily in the first episode, she remains a mystery to both the contestants and viewers. In the Two Truths and a Lie game, Pepper lied and said that her male relative was best known for being a comedian. Nothing else was revealed about Pepper.

X is an intriguing contestant whose name is not really X. He revealed that his celebrity relative is best known for being an Emmy-winning actor. He said that his downfall on Claim to Fame is that his relative is his twin sister, and they look exactly alike. During the talent show, he shared that he is a composer and a performer with the viewing audience.

Claim to Fame already has the audience guessing which celebrities the contestants are related to. Watching them strategize together to try to decipher the clues has become the most entertaining aspect. However, the shocking disqualification of Maxwell also gave viewers some classic reality TV drama. It will be fun to see what else will unfold as the rest of the Claim to Fame episodes continue to air.

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Claim to Fame airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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