90 Day Fiancé: Memphis Stuns With Dramatic Weight Loss In Rare Photos

Controversial Michigan mom Memphis Smith from 90 Day Fiancé revealed her drastic body baby weight loss on Instagram after confirming her split with Hamza Moknii. 34-year-old Memphis was a single mom with two kids from two different relationships when she met Hamza, a man from Tunisia, online. Flattered by his honesty and chivalry, Memphis decided she’d get married to Hamza during their first in-person meeting on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Memphis was called foolish for her risky decision, but she went right ahead and became Hamza’s wife, even after developing trust issues with him.

Hamza had lied to Memphis about his age. He was 26 and not 28 years old as he told Memphis seven months ago when they started chatting. Memphis was in Tunisia for a couple of weeks, and it was too late for her to get a prenup made, even though she fought hard for it. A week after their wedding, Memphis took a pregnancy test on their honeymoon and found out she was pregnant. With her trip coming to an end, Memphis flew back to America, where Hamza joined her a month after she welcomed their baby sometime around November 2021. By February, while the show was still on, Memphis hinted at a split with Hamza.

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In April, Memphis confirmed her breakup with Hamza by writing the hashtag #singlemomlife in her Instagram caption while she advocated breastfeeding. Since then, Memphis has been using Instagram very sparingly, as she thinks life is too short for someone to waste it online. But as days go by, Memphis has slowly been returning to sharing multiple updates with her 170,000-plus followers. Her latest post contains various photos of her seated inside a car. One is of Memphis posing next to her ride. The 4' 9" tall Memphis looks tiny with her car towering over her. But what’s more noticeable is Memphis’s stunning weight loss.

With her hair tied in a sleek, tight bun, Memphis wore minimal makeup and added a filter on her now-more angular-looking face. Muskegon native Memphis’ OOTD was a printed floral off-shoulder dress, which revealed her shapely collarbones and tattoo. 90 Day Fiancé celeb Memphis called herself a “#naturalbeauty” in her caption and further added, “#nolashes #happyhair.” Fans agreed that Memphis looked gorgeous, and some even called her a warrior. Because Memphis has limited her Instagram comments and allows replies only from people she follows, many of her admirers may not have been able to praise the young mom.

A nurse practitioner by profession, Memphis was 160 pounds when she delivered her and Hamza’s baby girl. She waited until she got to 120 pounds and began her fitness journey, after which she is 116 pounds. How she lost her weight is a mystery to 90 Day Fiancé fans. Memphis’ estranged partner, Hamza, who stays in Chicago now, is often spotted working out at his gym or kickboxing. Memphis might also give credit to diet and exercise when she finally confesses her fitness secrets, perhaps on her comeback to the world of 90 Day Fiancé in a new spin-off.

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