8 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Deadpool As A Character

Though there is no release date in sight, the Deadpool 3 writers have been teasing fans with first details about the antihero's story and his potential connection to the MCU. With all of Marvel's new releases, fans are holding their breath for a Deadpool cameo or proper introduction to the MCU, and a movie may just do it. There's plenty of need for the sarcastic Deadpooland Marvel lovers are excited to see his dynamic with the rest of the heroes.

Deadpool is a one-of-a-kind antihero that thrives in controversy and chaos. As the poster child for snide remarks, his quick comebacks, jaw-dropping stunts, and cringe injuries consistently leave audiences wishing for more. The surplus of memes that fans have made is an excellent way to describe Deadpool's layered personality and complicated history with X-Men characters like Wolverine.

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Deadpool makes it very clear that he only cares about a handful of people, which included himself, Vanessa, Russell, and maybe his roommate, Blind Al. Deadpool has no interest in saving the world or even himself at times. Although he is easily instigated to brawl, it's unlikely he would get involved in a squabble like the MCU's Civil War.

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The meme has a snarky Deadpool poking fun at the studio's depiction of the Civil War compared to the comics. Out of all the characters, Deadpool would be the one to make such an observation, especially with his habit of breaking the fourth wall. Now that he has the potential to be introduced to the MCU properly, fans speculate on what part Deadpool will play.

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Deadpool has enough range to satisfy all of the social media outlets that fans regularly utilize. His ability to be assigned an Instagram and Tinder profile makes him hilariously relatable to viewers. Paired with the fact that Deadpool has Ryan Reynold's personality and face, he was destined to be a star and treasured by all facets of social media.

The Deadpool movies really touch on every aspect of a great action film. He highlights comedy, a unique romance, gore, and comradery in a way that draws the viewer in. Deadpool's mindset of "looking out for number 1" and just living his life is something that fans find refreshing and engaging.

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As previously mentioned, Deadpool is about as original and unique as it gets. The MCU and all other X-Men films don't come close to the fourth-wall-breaking, revenge setter that Deadpool quickly evolved into. Deadpool is also the only character to be rated-R movie, which further shows how violent and snarky Deadpool can be.

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Despite the cuddly persona that his poster gives off, fans know there's a lot more darkness going on in Deadpool's mind. A huge part of Deadpool's appeal is the shock factor of his movies and his tendency to trick not only his enemies but also his viewers into thinking he is a different person than who he actually is. The ironic turtleneck-wearing mutant continues to steal the hearts of audiences to this day.

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All the Deadpool comic book fans loved to see the references to his connection with Wolverine. As an involuntary subject in the Weapon XI experiment, Deadpool follows right behind Wolverine as a morally gray mutant. The several nods to Wolverine made by Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool give a better understanding of where Deadpool originated from.

Wolverine and Deadpool share similar backgrounds that are comprised of grief, pain, and chaos. In the meme, Ryan Reynolds claims that  his regenerating baby hand is holding Logan's hand in the poster. As usual, Reynolds brought Wade Wilson to life and a hilarious perspective to the otherwise very serious final Wolverine film.

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A few of Deadpool's most iconic scenes include his uncanny tendency to break the fourth wall. His comedic approach to acknowledging the audience and the absurdity of being stuck in a superhero movie truly sets him apart from other MCU characters.

The meme gives a head nod to all the times he broke the fourth wall in his movies. Audiences love that he addresses them and narrates his story with hilarity and ease. His casual nature of being self-aware and simultaneously diving into the life of the chaotic mutant make him a unique fan favorite.

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In the first film, Wade Wilson was the farthest from "dad material" as one could be. Through an exciting amount of character development, he was ready to have a family with Vanessa, and also protected Russell as his own son. Fans love the idea of Deadpool as a family man and feel it would bring out more hilarious and endearing growth for him.

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The meme is a depiction of Deadpool walking around with a mini Deadpool. Not only is the meme relatable for fans but brings light to the exciting possibility of Wade having his own kid. It's acknowledged that most children turn into their parents, and audiences everywhere would be thrilled to see two Deadpools wreaking havoc.

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There has been some serious evolution in Wade Wilson and other characters as they've tackled the villains in the Deadpool and X-Men movies. His growth in personality and looks has been extremely evident, taking fans on a journey since his early days in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Fans joke about his glow-up in this meme where his capabilities as a mutant are compared to a strong and weak Wi-Fi signal.

Ryan Reynolds saw how much potential Deadpool's character had from the start and really pushed for his own film. Ever since then, Deadpool has taken the MCU by storm and continues to evolve and grow into the rogue hero that everybody loves. With the future possibility of improvement, Deadpool has the potential to keep growing in strength and Wi-Fi signal, like in the meme.

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Deadpool does not live his life being bound to social expectations. He lives his life to the fullest by spending time doing what he enjoys, fighting whoever he wants to, and speaking his mind regardless of the company he holds. Wade is the last person to hold back his harsh language for the comfort of Colossus.

As shown in the meme, fans recognized a similar parallel in Tony Stark's impatience with Captain America. Deadpool and Iron Man are two independent men who don't care to be given orders, especially in regard to something so menial as crude language. The meme shows the two heroes' potential bonding over their mutual disdain for civil conversation.

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