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As players wait for Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone's developing game Haunted Chocolatier, which has players run a chocolate shop, there're multiple Stardew Valley-inspired games that are scheduled to release soon that fans should be on the lookout for. Because of Stardew Valley's immense success, it's not surprising that many developers have been creating similar titles in recent years.

Out of the sea of these upcoming games, there're some titles that stand out among the rest. Some of these games, like Harvestella, have their releases just around the corner.

10 Pixelshire (2023)

Scheduled to release in 2023, Pixelshire is a life sim RPG that also includes terraforming and town building. Besides the regular farming sim gameplay of developing and managing a farm, the player will also build the town itself by molding the land, gathering villagers, and building their homes. Players can develop relationships with the villagers, learn skills from them, and even invite them on quests.

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As the player explores the continent of Arcadia, they'll encounter various locations, fight enemies, and discover secrets. Along with the randomly generated dungeons, certain islands will also be procedurally generated each time the player visits them, which will likely keep the experience fresh even after multiple playthroughs.

9 Nivalis (TBA)

Announced during Not-E3's PC Gaming Show, Nivalis is a cyberpunk life sim that's set within the same universe as the 2020 award-winning game Cloudpunk, which was created by same studio. Within the titular city of Nivalis, the player will be able to choose how they want to live their life, which includes starting businesses such as noodle stands or nightclubs. With plenty of corruption, crime, and crumbling infrastructure, players will need to work hard to find their success.

Despite the decaying metropolis, the world is filled with possibilities, which means players can fish, buy houses, customize their homes, grow their own ingredients, befriend locals, and even find romance. Although the game doesn't have a release date yet, its Blade Runner-like aesthetic and possibly vast world have already caught the attention of future players.

8 Moonstone Island (2023)

Another life sim that's scheduled to release in 2023 is Moonstone Island, which has the player protagonist move to the titular island in the sky. As part of their village's tradition for alchemy training, the protagonist must live away from home for a year with only some tools, alchemical recipes, and the ability to tame spirits at the start. But, as they explore the world, upgrade their abilities, and befriend and romance NPCs, they will slowly build a new, thriving home.

Besides the typical farming, crafting, and mining, players will also be able to collect wild spirits who will fight alongside the player in deck-based battles. Along with the deckbuilding mechanics, potion brewing, and a large procedurally generated world filled with different biomes and hundreds of islands, Moonstone Island seems to be bringing many unique ideas to the genre.

7 Snacko (TBA)

Though it doesn't have a release date yet, Snacko already stands out because of its unique mix of cute pixellated 2D sprites with vibrant 3D environments. After growing tired of their office jobs in the big city, a cat named Momo and her childhood best friend Mikan decide to start a farm on an island. Because of a curse that led to monsters roaming the area, the island has become run-down, but the former city cats and the island's caretaker can work together to restore it.

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This means that, along with building their own farm, the cats will need to design and build the island's town too. As new buildings and facilities are made, the player will be able to invite various unique characters to live in the town, set up businesses, and befriend. Outside of the town, there're mysterious forests, vast deserts, and more areas to explore. If players want to fully save the island by lifting the curse, they'll have to travel to find shrines made for an ancient goddess.

6 Roots of Pacha (2022)

Scheduled to release sometime this year, Roots of Pacha is a farming sim that takes place during the stone age. Since human civilization is only just beginning, the player will need to build their clan from nothing and invent new technologies that developed during this era. Because of this, currency and shops don't exist yet, so players will need to find their own resources and contribute all of their earnings to the community.

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Besides gathering, farming, crafting, and mining, players can domesticate wild animals, develop new tools, create new structures, and learn how to create and preserve food. Once the essentials are established, players can also create new artworks, connect to the spiritual world, and possibly find romance.

5 One Lonely Outpost (2022)

Planned to be released during the Fall months of this year, One Lonely Outpost is a science fiction life sim that takes place on a barren, alien world. With only a robotic pet, some seeds, and a few tools, the colonist must transform the desolate land into a thriving ecosystem. Although a colony filled with unique pioneers will eventually settle in the area, the player character will originally be alone.

While developing the planet, the colonist will be able to either choose to have natural Earth-based crops and livestock or go down the Synthetic route, which will allow the player to genetically alter plants and have robo-cows. Depending on their choices, different pioneers will settle in the area who can be befriended and even romanced.

4 I Was a Teenage Exocolonist (2022)

Showcased during Not-E3's Guerrilla Collective 3 presentation, I Was a Teenage Exocolonist is another science fiction life sim about building a new colony on an alien planet that's scheduled to release on Aug. 25 of this year. Unlike One Lonely Outpost, however, this game incorporates more visual novel elements along with RPG and deckbuilding mechanics.

After their spaceship passes through a wormhole on the way to the planet, the 10-year-old protagonist gains the ability to see past lives and possible futures. Using this, the player will need to decide how they will live the next 10 years of their life by choosing what places to explore, what stats to increase, and even which colonist to romance. Besides leading to hundreds of events and endings, these choices also become cards that the player can use in battles.

3 Potion Permit (2022)

Shown during Not-E3's Wholesome Direct, Potion Permit is a life sim game that features a chemist as the customizable player protagonist. Scheduled to release on Sept. 22 of this year, the game takes place in the town of Moonbury, which is forced to seek outside help when the mayor's daughter, Rue, falls ill and the local witch doctor is unable to help.

Although the tow prefers to stick to their traditions, the mayor allows the Medical Association to send the protagonist to help Rue and other villagers with their newer medical expertise. While gathering materials, fighting monsters, brewing potions, and healing patients, the player can befriend the townsfolk, upgrade the town, and possibly date one of the characters.


Developed by Square Enix, HARVESTELLA is an upcoming life sim RPG that's scheduled to release on Nov. 4 of this year. In this game's world, the four seasons occur because of four giant crystals known as Seaslight. One day, however, the crystals begin acting strangely and create another season known as Quietus, which occurs during the switch between seasons and produces dust that can kill any living creature.

As either a male or female traveler, the player teams up with Aria, a girl from the future, to uncover the mystery behind this deadly season. While farming and fighting monsters, the player can explore other towns and befriend their NPCs.

1 Silme Rancher 2 (2022)

Created as a direct sequel to the original 2017 game Slime Rancher, Slime Rancher 2 is a first-person life sim adventure game that follows returning protagonist Beatrix LeBeau, who moved to an alien planet to become a Slime Rancher. After traveling across Slime Sea, she now arrives at Rainbow Island to explore the new location and raise more Slimes.

Like the previous installment, the player must feed the Slimes the correct foods so that they produce plorts, which can be exchanged for currency. With new slimes and mysteries, this sequel will likely be perfect for returning fans.

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