10 Unpopular Opinions About The Batman Arkham Games, According To Reddit

In 2023, Rocksteady Studios will release Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and it's exactly what it sounds like. Players will play as four members of the Suicide Squad as they try to stop Braniac and the brainwashed Justice League. The game takes place in the same universe as the famous Batman Arkham series, which includes Arkham Origins, Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight.

The games are popular due to the villains, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill voicing Batman and Joker respectively, and the combat system. Most importantly, the player feels like they are Batman. However, some Redditors have unpopular opinions about the Batman Arkham series.

Despite many people thinking these are great, dfuller disagrees. "They took me out of the game in the interest of not particularly deep psychology and simple metaphors... AND, those portions of the game are generally, completely random and disconnected from the rest of the events in the game."

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Scarecrow uses fear toxin to torment Gotham City and Batman. He injects Batman with fear toxin or forces him to breathe it in, resulting in the "Scarecrow Nightmares" in Asylum. Like the character himself, these nightmares are genuinely creepy and were so effective, Scarecrow became a main villain in Knight.

Many Redditors are confused that the Deathstroke boss fight in Origins gets so much love. swiftcrane says "It was very simple and uncreative mechanically... On top of that, it had pretty boring set pieces of just one arena area and repetitive animations." Similarly, Mr. Freeze in City wasn't even the best fight in the game, let alone the series as EliteVoodoo1776 suggests: "His was just the most memorable for using a slightly different mechanic than other Boss fights."

One of the greatest aspects of the Arkham series is the boss fights. The Deathstroke fight feels like it came out of the comics, and is pretty tough to beat. Fans enjoyed this fight so much that Deathstroke was brought back as a tank battle in Knight. In addition, Mr. Freeze is one of the toughest fights in City. The player has to really try hard to figure out how to beat him, making them feel like Batman himself.

The combat system is very popular among players, so M1K3Z's take on it surely sparks controversy. The Redditor feels that the combat system is too simplistic and outdated. This makes it enjoyable for kids as all they have to do is mash buttons, but it looks silly. They remark that "the combat doesn't allow you full control, causing you to mess up combos."

However, games like Marvel's Spider-Man were influenced by Arkham combat. In addition, The Iceberg Lounge challenge map in Knight is an example of how great the combat system really is. It could even be argued that the warehouse scene in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice was influenced by this fighting system as well.

Willtheperson02 seems to be one of the few gamers who like playing as Catwoman. The Redditor wished she was a bigger part of the story, saying "I thought her gameplay offered a different challenge to Batman and I think it's one of the best Catwoman depictions to date." The game emphasizes her true anti-hero nature when the player gets to choose between saving Batman from the Joker or leave Gotham City with Hugo Strange's loot.

The problem with Catwoman is that she is underwhelming when compared to Batman's gameplay. Many of her missions are boring in comparison to the rest of the game and she is much slower at maneuvering around Arkham City. Because of this, the Two-Face mission gets frustrating.

"It was a cool way to introduce Todd into the Arkhamverse as he hadn't been introduced yet," comments Redditor BruceWayneBurnerAcct. Even though it seemed predictable, he continues by saying that "in terms of fleshing out the Arkhamverse it was great. Rocksteady's own variation of the 'Under the Hood' storyline."

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Fans thought it could be Jason Todd, even though Rocksteady insisted that the Arkham Knight is a brand new character (per Game Informer). However, there was no indication in the series that suggested this reveal, so it came completely out of left field.

The Riddler's mind makes him one of Batman's most formidable villains, and gamers try and solve his riddles that are scattered throughout the series. If they successfully complete a riddle, they are given a Riddler trophy in the shape of a question mark. Redditor arkhamassassin34 states that "Collecting all the Riddler trophies is one of my favorite parts of the Arkham games." ThePersonYouHate agrees, adding that "Combined with the riddles, those are the best parts of the games."

However, it's very difficult to collect all the trophies, not because of the ranging difficulty, but the excessive amount of them. They all need to be collected in order to reach 100% progress in the game. The frustration caused is why gamers tend to dislike the Riddler trophies.

Roger Craig Smith voiced Batman in Origins and Redditor POOH_IN_A_TUXEDO believes that "Smith is better than Kevin Conroy, only taking the games in to account." Another Redditor, oneeyedddeacon, elaborates on that unpopular opinion: "Kevin Conroy is very flat in all the games (especially Asylum). Smith has so much more emotion and is much angrier, which makes his voice acting so much more interesting."

Conroy has voiced the Caped Crusader for many years and has become synonymous with the character as a result. Therefore, he is an expert on how Batman would act in certain situations, making him perfect for the video games.

DrunkBeardGuy is glad the Batmobile was heavily incorporated into the game, calling "the best vehicle in any game I've ever played" and stressing its importance: "It's more than just getting him from point A to B." Matches_Malone77  defends the controls (as well as the tank battles themselves) and praises the care that the developers took in order to design and implement the Batmobile.

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The Batmobile is hard to drive, which isn't ideal for a game that makes it a huge focus. It's just easier and faster to glide with Batman. The Batmobile has to be upgraded or players stand no chance at winning some of the tank battles, which can make elements of the game frustrating.

Redditor f_n_wildcard defends Origins, saying "the gameplay, story and characters are phenomenally well done." Another Redditor, Porkman, takes it a step further, claiming that Origins has the best storyline: "the plot makes the most sense, everything happens for a reason and it has, by far, the most character development - especially for Batman but also Gordon, Alfred and others."

The negativity around Origins seems to be development related. The developer was WB Montreal, whereas the rest of the series was Rocksteady Studios. This would explain the glitches at launch, the fast travel concept, and the Joker yet again being the main villain.

Although it's a universally beloved sequeljohnchewy82 feels City is overrated, saying it has "aged poorly and is the weakest installment of the series." They support their argument, saying that "the pacing feels off, the city itself is small and boring to navigate, and Strange being Ra's puppet undermines the whole story." AverageJoe48 argues that much of the game feels tedious and there are far too many Riddler trophies. Both Redditors think the game is severely lacking in story.

Critically acclaimed, demonstrated by its Metacritic score, City's open-world map is detailed and expansive, yet doesn't take long to traverse. It has Batman's classic rogue gallery of villains. City has the tone of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, while at the same time keeping the atmosphere of Batman: The Animated Series. 

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