10 Best TV Shows To Watch If You Love Survivor, According To Ranker

The finale of the 42nd season of Survivor aired on May 25th, 2022, and it remains one of the most popular reality shows on television. It has inspired many other reality competition series that came after it, several of which are still on the air today.

Fans of Survivor wait anxiously for each new season to be released, but what is there to watch in between? There are plenty of other shows on the air that will appeal to fans of Survivor, and the voting public on Ranker pinpoints some of the most popular options.

Note: Ranker lists are fan-voted, live, and continue to accrue votes, so some rankings may have changed after this publishing.

10 The Circle (2020 - )

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The Circle has been described as Catfish meets Big Brother. While the players aren’t set out in the wild to forage for food, build shelter, and live with meager means, they are placed in isolation, albeit in a swanky apartment where they can only communicate with others via a text messaging-based program known as “Circle.”

There’s still the same level of building alliances, strategizing, and voting out others. There are also lots of twists on The Circle, just like in Survivor. But it’s not quite as raw and survivalist as Survivor. Nonetheless, the focus on voting out people until only a few finalists remain is the same.

9 Big Brother (2000 - )

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Big Brother and Survivor share many similarities, including people living together in one home (or, in the case of Survivor, on an island in tribes) and a variety of competitions to test both physical and mental strength, as well as endurance. There are plenty of memes online that perfectly sum up Big Brother.

Big Brother players get to live in a nice massive home, but they are also cut off from the real world. That means there’s a lot of strategizing, alliance building, and conversations in the middle of the night or whenever players can get away from others to come up with plans.

8 Solitary (2006 - 2010)

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Airing way back in the mid-2000s, Solitary followed players who were kept in solitary confinement, 24/7 for weeks on end. The last person able to make it the entire time in their pod would win the grand prize of $50,000. While Survivor takes a lot of mental strength to deal with feeling alone in a game of strangers, Solitary ups the ante by forcing players to be without any human contact or communication at all.

The players could communicate with an artificial intelligence named Val, and players are able to do things like send a letter to loved ones, speak to others through Val, and win the ability to taunt others at various intervals in the game.

7 Capture (2013)

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It only lasted a single season, but Capture managed to make the list. Also referred to as The Hunt, the idea was that a dozen pairs are brought to a massive wilderness area where they must hunt for various items, eliminating other teams as they go.

The competition lasted an entire month while teams would stay at a small camp where they were given only limited rations, just like in Survivor. For everything else, it was all about survival skills. Fans followed the players through a special vest mounted with a camera over their shoulder and an armband mount that displayed a map, location, and other useful information.

6 72 Hours (2013)

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Also like Survivor, 72 Hours saw people dropped into the wilderness with only a few essential items. For the rest, they were left to fend for themselves. Players were placed in teams and had to travel through dangerous wildlife, insect infestations, and more. The objective was to find a hidden briefcase with $100,000.

The show only lasted one season. Interestingly, unlike shows like Survivor where fans follow the same group through the entire season, 72 Hours had a different team of players in every episode.

5 Castaways (2018)

Not Currently Available To Stream

Set in Indonesia, Castaways followed 12 players trying to survive on their own on an island, just as in Survivor. The twist here was that players didn’t always know there were other castaways nearby. The only way to get off the island was to locate a rescue team or quit.

Compared to the show Lost, each player was able to bring along only one piece of luggage, but with a twist: each player washed ashore with someone else’s luggage. A journal was the only required item to include, where each person had to write about themselves so that whoever ended up with their suitcase could learn about them. The show only lasted a single season.

4 The Challenge (1998 - )

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It’s no surprise given the similarities between the two shows that many Survivor alums have gone on to play The Challenge. The competition show, a spinoff of The Real World and Road Rules, pits players against one another in a variety of group physical challenges.

Like the tribe mentality on Survivor, players must work together. However, unlike Survivor, the winner, in the end, is a team, not an individual, which makes having a good team and keeping the strongest members on board even more important. Similar to Survivor, there have also been plenty of players over the age of 40 competing as the oldest contestants on The Challenge.

3 Survivorman (2005 - 2016) 

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Hailing from Canada, this is the only show on the list that isn’t classified as a reality show. Rather, it follows Les Stroud, a Canadian filmmaker and survival expert, as he demonstrates his survival skills and knowledge while he lives for 10 days in a remote location.

Like players on Survivor, Stroud only has limited food, water, and equipment. For everything else, he must work to source what he needs. Interestingly, there’s no crew: Stroud films everything himself. Naturally, then, the element of the mental and emotional toll being alone in the wilderness takes is a large part of the show as well.

2 The Amazing Race (2001 - )

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Travel with teams of two who embark on an intense scavenger hunt, visiting different countries around the world looking for clues, competing in challenges, and learning about culture in The Amazing Race. From using maps to navigate foreign countries to learning a skill critical to the country, dancing, singing, playing an instrument, or even doing puzzles, the competitions run the gamut. Reddit users have noted the best seasons of The Amazing Race to watch for new fans.

It’s no surprise that many players from Survivor have moved on to appear on The Amazing Race as well. From scaling large buildings to cake decorating, learning a national pastime, and finding the best deals on flights, every episode is high intensity.

1 Australian Survivor (2002, 2006, 2016 - ) 

Not Currently Available For Streaming

Survivor has become so popular that it has spawned many other versions around the world. One such version is Australian Survivor which, according to fans of Survivor, is the best show to watch for those who love the American version.

The format is identical, with the show even taking some of the themes from the American version, such as Blood V Water, which aired in early 2022 and pits family members against one another. It’s safe to assume that fans of Survivor who love the format and wish there were more seasons would be wise to check out versions from other countries.

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