10 Best Songs From Minions: The Rise Of Gru, Ranked By Popularity

The newest installment in the Despicable Me franchise, Minions: The Rise of Gru was released July 1st. This sequel to the prequel Minions is set during the 1970s s so it is only natural that the movie sports some very popular songs throughout. The soundtrack features a variety of artists from an assortment of musical genres, merging the 70s to the present.

Critics praised the film for its ability to entertain children with its musical numbers. Adults can also enjoy the music because it was comprised mainly of '70s hits performed by contemporary artists. This retro pop angle is enough to draw both young and old listeners alike.

10 “Turn Up The Sunshine” - Diana Ross Ft. Tame Impala

Much like “Happy,” in Despicable Me 2, “Turn Up The Sunshine” is meant to be a track that can be sung and danced along to that hooks in the audience. Unlike the other songs, it’s the only original single from the soundtrack.

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At the release of this movie, this song hit a peak of popularity, as children are more than likely asking to hear it on repeat. The draw of an original song for a movie has a lot to do with bringing back all of the fun feelings and moments experienced by the characters. And with the Minions' fun disco-style choreography set to a colorfully swirling backdrop, no one can blame them for wanting more.

9 “Cecilia” - The Minions

Since this cover is performed by The Minions, it is very different from its original lyrically rich and thoughtfully crafted story-style folk song. However, it proves to be equally as catchy to those who are a bit too young for the subject matter of the original. Children, and adults who struggle with memorization, are now able to just hum along.

The original, written and performed by music duo Simon and Garfunkel in 1970, reached number four on the charts. It was an international success that has been covered and referenced by artists throughout the years. As one of Simon & Garfunkel’s more upbeat and exciting songs, it only fits that it would be selected for this film.

8 “Dance To The Music” - H.E.R.

H.E.R.’s rendition of Sly and Family Stone’s “Dance to the Music” brings the same fun and funk to the table as the original. The technical excellence is to be expected from this Grammy award-winning artist is to be expected, but the upbeat arrangement was a pleasant surprise from someone known for their more despondent style.

This 1967 hit was the first to take the band to the top ten on the charts. Despite the band’s resistance to the producer’s urge to create a more commercially friendly song, it managed to make Sly and the Family Stone a household name. 

7 “Funkytown” - St. Vincent

Similar to the original, St. Vincent delivers a high-energy song to get the crowd moving. This catchy and unforgettable tune will tempt the audience out of their seats and into the aisles. St. Vincent adds her electronic flare that serves the song well.

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In 1980, the original “Funkytown” by the disco act Lipps, Inc. spent four weeks at number one. It was internationally recognized and made the charts in several different countries. The lyrics express a longing to find that perfect place to party, which works perfectly for this movie featuring those little yellow party animals.

6 “Hollywood Swinging” - BROCKHAMPTON

"Hollywood Swinging" brought funky energy to the sequel of the high-grossing movie Minions. It is fun and dance-worthy, complete with a rap verse by the contemporary hip-hop boy band. Their rendition leaves nothing to be missed and introduces children to funk effortlessly.

Originally by Kool & the Gang, this song served as their big crossover hit in 1974 and was their first R&B single to reach number one. This is not the song’s first time being re-introduced into contemporary music, as it has been sampled in several rap songs over the years and covered by Jamiroquai.

5 “Shining Star” - Brittany Howard Ft. Verdine White

Grammy award-winning solo artist Brittany Howard delivered an amazing performance of this Earth, Wind & Fire classic. Featuring Verdine White, from the original band, Howard gives the audience a pretty straightforward cover of the 1975 hit that brought so much excitement and fun to the scene.

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"Shining Star" is one of the disco band's most popular songs, reaching number one on the charts, and was critically acclaimed as a display of this band's technical abilities. According to Stereogum, the idea for the song came to Maurice White, lead singer when looking up at the starry night sky.

4 “Born To Be Alive” - Jackson Wang

As a former K-pop boy band member, Jackson Wang brings a fun and modern touch to this 1979 hit, even singing a verse in Chinese. "Born to be Alive" is as unforgettable as ever and a great addition to a soundtrack, fit for Illuminations' best animated characters and appealing to a young crowd.

The original disco song performed by Patrick Hernandez was an international hit, selling over 1 million copies in the US alone. The song was covered by Disco Kings in 2005 which did well in Europe.

3 “Goodbye To Love” - Phoebe Bridgers

Complete with horns and tambourines, Phoebe Bridgers's cover of the Carpenters' "Goodbye to Love" delivers just as much joy as it does heartache. With a Beatles caliber outro, full of soul and void of fuzz guitar, this moving ballad holds its rightful place on this soundtrack as an exemplar of 70s triumph.

In 1972, the Carpenters made the charts with "Goodbye to Love". Because of the guitar solo in the original version, fans had claimed that the Carpenters were sell-outs and had gone hard rock, according to UDiscoverMusic, but it is considered their power ballad.

2 “Fly Like An Eagle” - Thundercat

The way this song completely wraps the theater-goer into that 70s psychedelic vibe is completely effortless. Thundercat’s skill is evident in his ability to reach fans of Suicidal Tendencies and Minions alike. His version of the song takes this long-running animated franchise's sound to another level of retro.

Steve Miller Band’s original song was released in 1976 and hit the charts in 1977. It had a very dreamy sound that was fitting for its time, though there exists an earlier more bluesy execution of this song as well.

1 “Desafinado” - Kali Uchis

Overlooking the 1960s release date of the original version, this song is one of the strongest on the soundtrack. It is lyrically charming and the bossa nova tune really gets the shoulders swaying. Although the movie takes place during Gru's childhood in the 70s, Kali Uchis' smooth delivery of this tune is welcome to stay.

The original song was written with Portuguese lyrics and then in English. Its most well-known performance is by Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd. Both Portuguese and English versions of the song received critical recognition and praise.

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